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AP1 irons

Mark F

General question regarding iron shafts.  I am thinking of getting some new AP1s either now or when the new series comes out at the end of the year.  I have a tendency to hit my longer irons low but seem to do okay with the shorter irons.  I was thinking of ordering the long irons (3,4,5,6) with the Graphite Design Tour AD 651 shaft which is suppose to get a higher trajectory and keeping the shorter irons (7,8,9,PW,GW) with the True Temper Dynalite Gold XP so as to not go too high.  First question, can this even be done - ordering two different shafts within one set?  Second question, is this a good idea from a "consistent feel" standpoint?  Thanks for any feedback.

  Mark F

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  1. Christian J

    Yes, you should be able to do so.  Go through a Titleist rep, and they will be able to custom order whatever you want.  Consistency might not be the same though since they are two different shaft, but what matters is what works best for you.  If that involves having two different shafts, then it's fine.  Best of luck with the AP1's, you'll love them.

  2. eboos

    If I am not mistaken, you can order the clubs individually, so you should be able to construct the set like you described. If you longer irons are not getting up in the air, have you considered hybrids?

    If it is a swing issue, I had the same problem when I used to be more of a digger than a sweeper. I used to swing my long irons very steeply and had inconsistant ball flight. Is your swing angle matching your lie angle? What cured my tendency to hit a lot of low hooks was to stick an alignment rod in the ground 3 feet behind my ball, inline with the target and angled the same as my club's lie angle. Then I would ensure that my backswing took the club outside the rod and my downswing was inside the rod. I was amazed at how unnatural it felt for me to not come inside too quickly in the backswing, and that was causing me a lot of problems.

    If this is off the mark and unwelcomed, I am totally sorry and understand completely.

  3. Alex R

    Hi Mark,

    I have the 712 AP1 with the Dynalite Gold XP shafts.  These shafts are already a little lighter and promote a  high trajectory.  I love these clubs but have been considering changing shafts to the normal dynamic golds to get my trajectory lower.  To your questions, yes its possible by ordering through a proshop. If it were me, I wouldn't do it because the dynalites are already a high trajectory shaft.

  4. Don O

    Buying Titleist means you never have to buy off the rack - but rather than plan on buying a set, let a good fitter work with you on what feels right for you.  You'll probably prefer all one shaft type. My wedges are stock metal and the Vokey GW definitely feels different from the graphite PW AP1. 

  5. Lou G

    Roger all that.   It's all about feel.

    My bag is mixed flex.  The driver (Burner HT), 910F 19* and 910H 21* are all A flex but are considerably shorter than standard length (I play them upright).  The 910H 27 and AP1 6-PW are all regular.   The Vokeys are wedge flex.  Even in the old days I played regular on the woods and stiff on the irons.

    The only thing about mixing graphite and steel on the irons is the former need to be 1/2" longer to maintain swingweight and 1/2* flatter in lie angle to compensate for club length with the same grip.  It would be better to have graphite long irons and steel short irons.  If you had graphite short irons, for instance, the 7 iron and 8 iron would have the same length and lie angle.  Or, if you wanted to maintain the length and lie angle spacing in the iron set, the graphite clubs would need lighter grips to maintain swingweight.


  6. Mark F

    Dear T/T - Thanks for all of the feedback regarding the AP 1 shafts.  It sounds like having all of the same shaft is the way to go regardless of which one I choose.  I currently play AP 1s of the 2008 vintage (original style) 3-GW.  I also carry a 909h 21 degree but don't get that one very high either.  I am probably a "digger" style since I feel I have a steep angle on the downswing ( I'm an old coot and have always tried to hit the little ball before the big ball), so I will try to work on the swing using the allignment stick as suggested. Either way I will get fitted and compare shafts side by side.  Thanks again for all of the opinions.  Titleist people are the greatest.  Fairways and greens to all.

    Mark F

  7. Keano26


      Yes, you can order individual irons with certain specifications. offers individual AP1 irons for 100 bucks apiece. I just bought my AP1 two weeks ago, and they sent out to a Titleist facility in Carlsbad, CA to custom make the clubs and send them to my house. I am absolutely thrilled with them...They're amazing.

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