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Hybrid shaft

Patrick D

Was just wondering if the UTS Mamiya VTS 100 Black Hybrid shaft is available on the "Off Menu" shaft list. Want this shaft with a new 913 HD hybrid!

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  1. Patrick D

    Didn't know if anyone could help me and maybe give me an answer. Want to order this hybrid soon with this shaft. Thanks

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    It can be ordered as an "off menu" shaft in S or X.  Please keep in mind that off menu shafts cannot be changed or cancelled once the order has been placed.

  3. Patrick D

    Thanks Cathi! Also I saw that the 712 utility is being released in mid May on here. Do you know what shafts are gonna be offered with it?

  4. Patrick D

    Is the VTS 85 Black hybrid shaft also available as an "Off Menu" shaft? I think I want to go with the 85 instead of the 100.

  5. Patrick D


  6. 19hole

    It looks like the 85 is not on the custom shaft list, just the 100.

  7. Patrick D

    Hey 19hole. Is there a way to see the "off menu" shaft list? Just curious how you were able to see it? Also if you can see it could you look up a couple of hybrid shafts for me if you can? Looking to buy a 913 h.d very soon but not interested in any of the shafts on the custom matrix. Want to find something on the "off menu" list.

  8. 19hole


    I am a Titleist Authorized Retailer so I have access to the complete list of available shafts.  This is the Hybrid list:

  9. Patrick D

    Thanks for getting back to me. But I am able to see that list on the Titleist site. That's the Titleist Custom Shaft Matrix list. I am talking about "Off Menu" shafts that retailers can order from Titleist customer services. It's no big deal I can just go to my local golf shop to find out the shafts. I just figured I'd post something on here first because someone through Titleist usually responds eventually. Cause there on a bunch of shafts available as "off menu" shafts. Completely different from the Custom Matrix list that you posted here. Like I just ordered and received an "off menu" order through my local golf shop. I ordered a 913 f.d with the new fujikura motore speeder 7.3 tour spec. That shaft is only available off menu. They have the 7.2 and 7.2 tour spec on the custom list but the .3 series is only available through the "off menu" list. But thanks for your help.

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