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Would be nice if Titleist made a 24 fairway wood.

Lou G

I hit a 910F 19* fairway very well.   I hit the 910H 24 and 27 well also but there is maybe 5 yards difference (and this has been pretty historical for me because that has been the way I have hit a 23 and 26 hybrid - so I only carried a 26).  I generally struggle to hit a 21 hybrid consistently.  I also found out in 2006 that I fare much better with a 7 wood vs a 19 hybrid.

I recently reintroduced a 24 deg 9 wood back in my bag and it does exactly what I want it to do (170-175 yard shot that stops on a dime). 

SInce Titleist introduced a 27 hybrid a couple years ago, why couldn't they have a 24 fairway (even TM RBZ has a 24 men's fairway - unfortunately their clubs have horribly long shafts).   41" shaft length and about a 59* standard lie angle would be golden.



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