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Wedge Bounce

ryan i


I am planning on getting all new SM4 wedges.  My question is regarding bounce.  I will be buying a 52, 56, and either 60 or 62.  I know what bounce I want for the 52.  however, for the 56, 60/62, I am a little stuck.  I mainly use my 56 for around the green chipping/pitching, never for the sand.  I want a bounce that will allow versatility for tight lies and rough.  What bounce will be optimal.  I consider myself to have more of a neutral swing.  As for the 60/62, what bounce is optimal for a combination of sand and rough?  I rarely pitch with the 60 unless the situation requires it.




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    Hey Ryan - Good choice. I really love my vokey wedges. Since my AP1 gap wedge is 50deg, I chose a 54-14 that's great from soft sand. My 58-12 is good from the rough around the green, but should probably have a lower bounce. I also carry a 62-07 that's great for tight lies, but I often wish it had a little more bounce. Hope this helps. - Donnie

  2. Keano26

    Ryan, if you consider yourself to have a neutral swing, get at least one lower-lofted, medium bounce wedge (like a 52.08) and one higher lofted, higher bounce wedges. I am neutral myself and have the 52.08, and 60.10. I am ok with an 8 degree difference because I can fill the gap between my 52 and 60 with 3/4 and half swings with the 52. I also have a 60.04 for chipping/pitching because I consider myself a slider in that aspect. But when it comes to 3/4 to 80% shots, I am a digger, and I have the 60.10.  But my 60.04 is over 7 years old and will be ditching it after this year. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE SPECIFICATIONS CHART AND VOKEY WEDGE FITTING SIMULATIONS. The last thing you will want is to buy a $129 wedge that doesn't suit your style of play.

  3. Lou G

    I have the SM4 52-12 and 60-10 both bent 1* strong.   I originally had a SM c-c 50-08 and 54-14 for a year and replaced them with the 52-12 because sometimes I had to make a choice on shots.   It makes my short game simpler.  I also had a SM c-c 58-04 and 62-07 and traded them for the 60-10 last May because it also simplified my choice on lob wedges.

    What I can say about the SM c-c 54-14 is that it works in both soft sand and tight lies mainly because of the narrow sole. 

    In regards to the 50-08, it plays much better bent to 51 vs bent to 49.   I used it with 51* loft when I had my Eye 2s and bent it to 49 last May when I got the AP1s.  With it at 51* and 9* bounce it does ok for long bunker shots.

    I also played a 258-12 between 2007-2009 and got pretty proficient at it.

    The 62-07 was a trade for SM2 60-07 and 64-07 (which I played for 2 years) - again because the 60 would dig a hole in soft sand and there was no point in using the 64 off tight lies because I had to de loft it a bit.  I carried a 64 degree wedge for 5 years (2006-2011) and it came in handy for the odd-ball shots.

    I also briefly tried the SM c-c 58-04.  The 4* bounce is "effective" but if you look at the leading surface it is about 13*.  Plays like an old school sand wedge.  It didn't really do well on tight lies and I didn't use it a lot. 

    There is only a 5 yard difference between the 52-12 and the 50-08 and the 52 has a little more fortitude for longer bunker shots vs the 54-14 in soft sand (just have to play more of a sliding shot).   The 60-10 has been my greenside bunker weapon (amongst other things) and I can use it in soft, wet and hard bunkers (just change the amount I open the face).   The 52 also works on a variety of lies and I can hit off hard-pan by playing a digging shot back in the stance.  I don't often take full swings with the 60 and am more likely to use the PW or 52 at 70 yards with a pitch.

    I would classify my style as "shotmaker" because I use a sliding shot or a digging shot as needed.  I'm also pretty proficient at working the PW and 52 so the gap between the 52 and 60 is a non-issue.

  4. Joshua O

    Spend the small fitting fee and allow a professional to fit the correct club to you. I went to a fitter and hit a large variety of vokey clubs. I ended up hitting a TVD M grind worked the best for me. A wedge you cannot buy from your major retailers. Don't spend 3x 129.00 on a guess of what you think you need. Also shafts are as important as the club head. With working with a fitter, you can hit multiple shafts also anything from a KBS to a DG. The DG S400 shaft was the ideal for me, Vokey can take all of your info and ship directly to your location. I went in for a fitting for new wedges on Monday and have them shipped to my location by Thursday the same week. Phenomenal customer service.

    Vokey has fitters all over the country and you wont be disappointed.


  5. ryan i

    Thank You!

  6. ryan i

    Thank you everyone for the advice!

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