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913 H-d 20* with 102g Stiff Diamana White Board

Stephen M

I am trying to purchase a 913 H-d 20* with 102g Stiff Diamana White Board. No local dealers near by, and I was also told the low spin hybrid is not available for retail customers. Any help is appreciated. Steve

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  1. Cameron D


    The 913Hd will begin shipping 3/15 and are available to order at once.  That shaft will be available in that club.



  2. Jan-Ivan L

    Hey Cameron, is the 102g Diamana shaft an upcharge?  Also, what are the tipping options for this club?  

    I'm currently playing Fujikura Speeder 904hb X shafts and I love them but I'm hesitant to switch over to 913h or hd due to the cost of the shafts.  Just curious as to what an equivalent spec would be.  Any info or advice is appreciated.  Thanks!


  3. Cameron D


    No up-charge for that shaft.  The standard tipping for the 20* is 1".  You can have your 910H shaft sent in and converted to a 913H Surefit hosel by having any authorized Titleist retailer send it in.  The torque would be a little higher in the D+, but it would be the closest stock option to that Fujikura shaft.



  4. Carter G

    Hi, I was wondering what the upcharge on the oban kiyoshi purple for the 913 would cost?

    thank you

  5. Cameron D


    We only have wholesale pricing.  You will need to get a quote from your local authorized Titleist retailer.



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