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913 hd

Brandon M

I've seen pictures of the new 913 Hd hybrid and have been reading up on it, but the one thing that puzzled me was when an individual who got fitted for one vs. the 913 H and he said the 913 Hd had more offset. I found this hard to believe since the pro's tend to like this smaller lower spinning head and they tend to prefer something with less offset. Can someone clarify if it does have more offset than the 913 H?? I have hit the 913 H but they did not have the Hd to try.

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  1. Jan-Ivan L

    I've seen them both up close and I didn't really notice if there was a huge difference in offset.  I'm planning to test drive them tomorrow.  I'll update you tomorrow after I check them out.

    One thing I did notice was that the hd felt a little heavier and a tad smaller than the h.

  2. Jan-Ivan L

    Well, just got back from my test drive of the 913 hd and WOW!!!  Now I was trying this out at night but I can definitely say that the head is significantly smaller than the 913 h and 910 h and it was very pleasing to the eye.  I tried it out with the Diamana White 102 g Stiff shaft and it felt really good.  I tried it against my 910h with my Fujikura 904hb X and it was definitely comparable.  The 913 hd inspires confidence and the flight was quite penetrating.  I'd definitely consider upgrading once I get the chance.

    I took a pic for a reference.  Left is 910h, middle is 913 hd and right is 913h.  Hope this helps.

  3. Connor I.

    The 913 HD looks great!

  4. Chris92009

    I just put a 913Hd 20 degree in my bag and I am impressed how workable and pretty the small club head looks.  I would not say it has any offset that looks abnormal however it is noticeably smaller than the 913H and 910H so beware!  I would only recommend this option for a more consistent player.  I will say this when you strike the ball on the sweetspot it feels very pure and solid like the old wood - woods did! 

  5. Thomas J

    I would agree - the head looks very small. Especially for me, moving from a 5-metal to a 20 degree 913 Hd. However, it does hit pure. While testing the club, I had a run of hits that played an ideal baby draw and carried 225-235. What I liked most, like Chris mentioned, is that it hits solid. I have a 82g X shaft, so not much bend in the shaft, and there was a pure contact feel on impact. Only problem is I have to wait for it to ship before adding it to the bag. I was told they aren't shipping until early March. 

  6. Jan-Ivan L

    Yup!  Just ordered mine with Aldila RIP Phenom HYB100 X tipped 1".  Unfortunately, this shaft is not available on the fitting cart so let me explain the thought process behind the choice.  I was trying to compare my Fuji 904hb X to the Diamana White 102 S and Diamana felt good but not great.  Spin and trajectory were a little higher than I was used to but looks and feel were increased with the head.  I've had previous experience with the Aldila RIP hybrid shaft with the TM Rescue TP hybrid and had good results before moving the the 910h so I'm just taking a historical approach on this one to see if it works out.  The fitter and I agreed with the setup so we put the order in.

    At the end of the day I'll probably just re-tip my Speeder.

    I hope this experience helps other team members out there!

  7. Jan-Ivan L

    Just picked up my 18 and 20 (C-4 setting) with the Aldila RIP Phenom HYB100 TX tipped 1".  Extremely comparable performance compared to the 904hb Speeder X.  The feel is stout but I'm really loving the ball flight and I'm very impressed with the look of the club.  If you're a Speeder lover, definitely give this shaft a try.  

  8. Stephen B

    Just got mine. Went with the PX tour issue 6.5. I now have 913h in 17°, Hd in 20° ands 23°( all in the LH A3 settings). Really great looking clubs. Here is a picture for referencing the difference in size between the h and hd's. Left to right. 17° , 20° and 23°.

  9. Stephen B

    Having both I would say the higher lofted 913 H's have more bulge and roll VS. the Hd's. I believe this makes for a more forgivable club. The Hd's look as though the faces are flatter,  making them appear as having more offset. I personally could not stand looking at my 21° 913H because of this.

  10. Paul B

    Where did you order yours from?? I got a 913fd lefty but you got some lovely clubs

  11. Stephen B

    Drew at PGA tour stop. Custom ordered through him. He never fails me. Call him and tell him Steve jr. Sent you. He'll laugh. If not now, keep him in mind when you get new clubs. 1 877.302.9699.

  12. Chris K

    Which would be better for a mid-capper, the h or hd?  I'm looking to fill the gap between my 15* FD and my 4i.  I was set on a 18* Fd / 23* Hd combo, but keep having second thoughts that maybe the H 21*/24* would be better for my game.

  13. Paul B

    I'd go with the hybrid, the club allows you to be more versatile.

  14. stuart c

    I just hit the 913HD 20 and is so much better than any other hybrid.  It is small but solid and with the D+ Blue 82 stiff it flies straight as can be.  What a great club.  Any comparisons between this and the 712U? 

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