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Thinking about switching to Titleist players irons

Greg W

Im a college kid and have been playing golf almost my entire life and i have been getting serious about my game for the last 7-8 years. I have been playing the same TM irons for about 5, almost 6 years now and don't get me wrong, i love them. i have hit my best shots with that 7 iron and gap wedge. But they are game improvement irons and i feel like i can't really do what i want with them as easily as i could with a players iron i.e. shaping shots. I feel like i have to over exaggerate those small differences in the fade/draw swings and sometimes that causes me lose balance or plane or some other fundamental aspect and ultimately mess the shot up completely. And if by some chance that the over exaggerated swing makes a solid contact, about 50% of the shots do not even bend. It is very frustrating to say the least.

I am fairly new to Titleist equipment save for the balls and the Vokey Wedges. Though it has always been my understanding that Titleist is the ultimate players choice and really only compatible with the player who really knows what they are doing. Basically im looking to overhaul my bag, and even the bag itself for that matter, with some new sticks. I was hoping some more seasoned players could offer some advice as to which irons would be best suited for 8-10 average handicap. I have been told my some that the AP2s would be best suited for my style as i am a digger rather than a picker. Again, just looking for some outside opinion. 


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    I'm a digger myself and love the 712mb's. I actually hit the mb's way better than the ap2's. I would suggest demoing all 3 (mb, cb, ap2) on the range if possible, then decide what looks/feels/performs the best.  You can't go wrong with either one. And obviously go get fit by someone good. 

  2. Ricky S

    I am a digger as well and play to a 9 I love the AP2, I hit every player iron on the market 8 months ago when I bought mine.  They were the best by far I can work the ball left and right without too much of a problem. I play mine with the x100 shafts..  If you have more questions let me know 

  3. clayton t

    greg they are out there keep looking but as long you been playing and as young you are maybe titleist cb or mb work better maybe?

  4. Carlo Angelo

    Nice that you are considering in using Titleist irons.  As everyone will say here... get fitted.  Go to the nearest "Regional Titleist Fitter" in your area.  Advanced fitters will also do but I suggest Regional.  That is the best way to get the proper equipment.

    Good luck


  5. Sheldon E

    Hi Greg, I like you have been playing golf for the majority of my life (12 years, just turned 20), and have been using titleist for the last 8 years. The AP2's are very versatile, perfect for anybody from mid 20's to a -5 handicap. Though I highly recommend that you go to a Titleist dealer or rep. and get fitted. The best thing about Titleist is there consistency, from lie angle to loft, I have not witnessed a Titleist iron that is more than .25 of a degree off, considering I have repaired and looked at 100's of titleist irons over the last 2 years that's pretty amazing!

    I myself am a slight digger yet I use MB's, however Iron shots are my strength and I can pick the ball up consistently. Just think about how consistently you pick the ball up and whether you put a lot of spin on the ball (Though this can be counted by the shaft you choose) in order of least spin on club face is: AP1 AP2 CB MB.

    Now I stress you choose the best shaft chosen for your game, the only real way is by trial and error through a titleist fitter or by yourself. diggers genuinely love the feel of Project X and flatter ball flight, but it's a really hard thing to determine unless we see your ball flight.

    Also consider your wedges that your going to use, when you get your irons the wedges may not suit your game anymore ie your yardage gap between P to 9 iron is too small or you may need to add a gap wedge if it gets too large.


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