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first round with AP2's

Harmeet S

I was a little nervous picking up my new set of AP2's since I'm a mid-high Handicap and have always played chunky game improvement irons as that is what everyone seems to tell people who aren't low handicap players.  Well, I just played my first round with the AP2's and shot my lowest score ever!  84!!  I'm so extremely satisfied with my purchase!  I've always struck my irons well, it's my putting and driving that could use a little work.  I was never comfortable hitting my long irons with my TM burner set of irons.  They were just so big and chunky, they looked awkard to me.  Today I was using the 3 and 4 irons more than my hybrid because the nice clean looking topline and compact head just look so much nicer to me.  I would recommend these irons to anyone that can hit an iron consistently. Don't be afraid or intimidated, go give these a hit at your golf shop. 

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  1. Jan-Ivan L

    Glad to hear!  I always tell people to get clubs that are aesthetically pleasing.  If u don't like what you're looking at then you'll never be comfortable with your game.  And in the end, if u like your golf clubs you'll probably end up playing more golf.  84 is a great start!  Keep it up!

  2. Geoffrey B

    Glad to know your happy with your titleist product.

  3. John P

    I purchased my AP2's last fall.  It has to be the very best set of irons I have ever used.  Pure shots feel like striking a stick of butter. Set mine at one degree upright.  High five yard draw that looks like poetry in motion.  Wow!

    I am playing the best golf of my life!  Lower scores and more fun.  

  4. Ron M.

    Congrats on your 84... That feeling to play your best is priceless....My AP2's don't fix in my safe(I tried).....Ejoy your sticks and swing as your target desires.

  5. David C

    That is awesome...  Nice round of golf.  I will bet you that you will consistently be in the 70's by the end of the year.  Keep it up.  It's great to see people's golf game improving.  Especially when it is with Titleist equipment.

  6. Dan S

    I too came from using TM Burner 2.0s. I haven't regretted it at all. I only been playing 3 years, using Burners 2.0, then Cally HLs. Now I'm setup with the AP1s and wow do they not only hit better, but look like "blades" too. Not the bulky HLs.

  7. Dan S

    And I also added a 4 iron (which is not hard to hit at all), when was a 3W, 3H, 4H, 5-PW guy. I dropped the 4H because I love these irons so much. oh and my set is a combo. ap1 4-6, and (7-pw ap2)

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