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New 913Hybrid in even numbers?



I have a friend who had been to the Fitting Center in San Diego. He told me that he tried the new 913Hybrid in even numbers = 18 and 20 degrees and there were two sizes on the club. The normal head and then a smaller one.

But I can only see the "normal" hybrid at your website in the 17, 19, and 21° and no Hybrid in even degrees.

Was it a special Hybrid he tried in San Diego, or is the website not updated yet?

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  1. Cameron D


    He was referring to the 913Hd.  This is a slightly smaller head and comes in 18*, 20*, and 23*.  We are currently working on adding it to the website and the clubs are scheduled to start shipping March 15th.



  2. Chris


    Thank you for your answer.

    I'll wait to March when they hit retail so I can try them out.

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