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Ben K

Hey everybody!

I have a set of TM Burner irons I have had for about a year.  I like them, but think they are outdated and old.  What should I do? I dont have a lot of $$ to spend, and am thinking of going to find a mice used set of AP2's or CB  irons.  GolfTEC coach is gonna look at my set first to see what needs to be changed.  Sound ok to you guys?



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  1. Don O

    The part that someone is going to check you and/or your clubs sounds good.  Upgrading irons, in general, have the lowest benefit.  The Burners should be game improvement, closer to the AP1 than AP2.  Depending your personal variables that affect your irons, such as lie, length, and shaft material, and potentially your ability to shape shots, a good fit coming from a set not designed for you can have a tremendous impact on your game.  CBs won't improve your game if you don't have the shot making ability for consistent striking.  The Burners will be more forgiving for those of us dealing with miss hits.  On limited funds, I'd look at my short game and then look to see if a hybrid or fairway wood at the other end would help as much or more than a full set of irons.  ...Unless the Burners are just outright the wrong fit for you.

    There's still way too many guys out there stomping me that play Eye-2's from png and those clubs are grandparents by comparison to the Burners.

  2. cam j

    i say that you go with the ap2. best bang for your buck . very solid club

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