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Golf Club Refinishing


Does anyone know whether Titleist offers iron refinishing?  I've been playing the same set of 990s since 2002 and don't have the heart to get rid of them.  Would like to see if I can get the grooves cleaned up and the heads repolished, etc. 

Has anyone ever done this?  I know Cameron does it for putters but I don't think I've seen this anywhere for irons except for 3rd party sites. 

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  1. Christian J

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Titleist does not offer refinishing services for their clubs, just Vokey and Scotty.  You can send them into a third party site, but I wouldn't feel as safe doing that.  

    Best of luck!

    Christian Jorgensen

  2. Ken W

    There are some amazing independent club finishers out there and I've seen outstanding results. The Iron Factory did a set of Titleist Tour Model chrome blades for me and they looked like jewels when finished. Even Cameron enthusiasts will send clubs to The Putter Lounge with as much confidence in great results as they'd expect from Scotty. Definitely worth a look Eric.

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