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Curious, very curious: driver and fairway lie angles

Alex R

I was looking at the specs of the new 913s and just noticed that the standard lie angles of the drivers are 58.5, while the fairways and hybrids are at 58 and even go lower to 56.  Why is it that the lie angle would be lower on the fairways than in the driver?

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  1. Alex R

    I did some research on my question and the best answer I found was that the drivers lie angle will change due to the bend in the shaft.  This means that when the driver is resting when you are on the tee standing over the ball the toe should be pointed up a bit?  Does anyone have any knowledge on this?

  2. Robert J

    Shaft length also comes into play here! Every 1/2" increase or decrease will change lie angle 1 degree, upright if longer, flatter if shorter. Drivers with 45 inch shafts will have a lie angle that is 58.5 degrees in A-1 setting, but the same driver with 44" shaft in same A-1 setting the lie angle would be 56.5 degrees, just due to overall length of the club.. 

  3. Quintin H

    I asked about it a couple years ago, didn't get an answer as to why.

    My guess is so that you will tend to hit the ball with the toe up, taking a little off trajectory and converting it to draw.

    Of course it could have something to do with the distortion of your body as you are leading the club into the ball at an upward angle.

  4. Norris

    This is curious; I suppose if the shaft lenght will change the lie angle, will it also change the lie angle if a person chokes down on the shaft? i.e. chokeing down 1" on a 45" shaft.

  5. Quintin H

    Shaft length doesn't change the lie angle, shaft length changes shaft length.

    If you have 45" at 58* and cut it to 44" then the lie angle will still be 58*.

    However if 45" and 58* were the right combination of length and lie angle, and then you cut it down to 44" without changing the lie angle, then it would seem to have a too flat of a lie angle.

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