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Titleist Rentals

Paul G

Hi,  I recently played the Rees Jones Course at The Breakers in Florida.   I rented clubs and the Driver was an R11 with a Bassaro Shaft.   I really enjoyed the club and called the next day to get the specs.   Unfortunately, they weren't very helpful.   I was told that the shaft was a BASSARO Standard shaft.    Any idea what the exact spec's of this rental shaft would have been in terms of weight, Flex and Kick?

Thanks, Paul

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  1. Ken W

    The shaft is called the Bassara and it's made by Mitsubishi Rayon. It's lightweight( low 50 gram range), and has a mid-kickpoint. It's more than likely that the shaft in the driver you rented is regular flex although the shaft is available in most flexes. Titleist offered the Bassara as a no-upcharge option in the 910 driver and most likely it is still available in the 913. The graphics will be different but the titanium fiber reinforced tip and other technology and specs are the same as the TM version.

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