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710 CB 2-Iron

Stuart B

I have a mixed set of 710 CB (2-5i) and MB (6-PW) that I custom ordered through Golf Galaxy; length, lie and shaft options were specified and the clubs have a laser scribe on the hosel registered with Titleist.

I'm concerned about Titleist discontinuing the 2-iron offering going forward and I love that club and use it regularly.

My question is this - Should I stock up on a life supply of these now?  Can I still get a 710 CB 2-iron?

- Stu B

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  1. Don O

    You can ponder your situation for another 6 months.  The 912 CB still has a 2 iron, and finding a 910 2 iron may be difficult.  The concierges would know if a limited supply of 910 2 irons didn't sell out.

  2. Cameron D


    We do still have some available for sale individually.  It has not yet been determined if we will continue to keep the 2 iron in the CB line moving forward. 



  3. Stuart B

    Thanks for the reply.

    Hopefully you keep the 2 iron offering. Titleist is one of the few companies that still maintains a line of more traditional irons and the 2 iron is an integral part of the set for people who choose not to go the route of hybrids.

    That being said... I think I'll err on the side of caution and buy one more 710 CB; how do I go about ordering --- 888 TITLEIST or do I order through a retailer?

    - Stu B.

  4. Cameron D


    You can order those through any authorized Titleist retailer.



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