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AP 2 Gap wedge

Kerry H

I have been looking for AP2 Gap wedge for my set but can't seem to find anywhere. Any suggestions?

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  1. Chris S

    You can order individual irons through your local club pro, a few online retailers like tgw or search eBay.

     Chris S

  2. Mark F


    Just look at the Titleist web site under the "clubs" section and find the AP2s.  Look under the "specs" section and you will see that there is a "W" (gap wedge) available.  It is 51* with 7* of bounce.  You should be able to order this as an individual club through any authorized Titleist retailer.  I did this years ago with the AP1 gap wedge that I bought for my old set of 922OS irons..I liked it so much that I traded in my 922's and bought the rest of the AP1s.  Good luck.

    Mark F

  3. Curtis M

    It would be nice to try all these clubs out. When will y'all have a demo day in Lubbock?  If y'all have any ball or clubs y'all need tested please feel free and send them will give great feedback quickly. Thanx for reading and hope y'all have a great day. Will be watching out for info. 

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