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Do Titleist clubs 'die'?


I was wondering if Titleist irons lose distance, launch and/or accuracy after a certain amount of time? People have told me that they've had cubs that have 'died' before, but can steel really become inefficient?

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  1. Ken W

    HIghly unlikely and it would not be due to the head unless it has been bent to alter the lie or loft angles. The only thing that can happen is a change in a steel shaft. As a shaft ages temperature changes, humidity, etc. can make the metal less flexible. This in turn can alter distance, trajectory, and feel when hitting a shot. The process normally takes decades though so most players with clubs that have been taken care of and played regularly don't have to worry about it.

  2. eboos

    I have heard that with metal woods and drivers, but not with irons. Yet even with metals, there are tour pros out there who have been using the same clubs for years and only replace them when it cracks. One of my teammates claimed that his driver went dead... I am pretty sure the club was fine ;).

  3. bcjames

    Yeah I have heard that with drivers but I would have to imagine it would take a long time for the club to actually "die".  I think sometimes we just use that as an excuse to get some nice new clubs!

  4. Double Z

    Haha, you have to tell the wife something to get that new club! ... but all honesty, I have heard the same thing with a driver face"loosing its pop" or whatever... I think unless you hit like 200 balls a day like a pro might, you really have nothing to worry about. Also, with todays technologies in 2013, the metals and alloys have been tested and tested and proven to withstand enhances stress levels... but on the flip side, OEM's are further and further pushing the limits with designing faces, crowns and clubhead components as thin as possible. it would be interesting to see the results of a club hit with a robot at a new state, then after a season or two of heavy golf...

    This also makes me wonder about shaft flex... do shafts also weaken or break down after continuous flexing from swinging and feeling the force of striking a ball? ....

  5. Skylar T

    I did have a club that kind of died out on me and it was an old sonartec three wood that was an absolute rocket.  After having it for a few years it just didn't feel solid anymore and was just not going anywhere.  So i think a club can "die" after a long time but I don't think it would happen with an iron though.

  6. Carlo Angelo

    Last year that's what I said to my wife... I had the old 690CB's, and that the clubs were 10 years already and needed an upgrade.  Like any other thing, its not as good as it was when it was new.  Natural wear and tear... I worked out a deal with her which I eventually won that's why she bought me new set of irons (supposedly a new set, so she still owes me some). 


  7. Mike P.

    I would say no. One club manufacturer ( I forget who it was) fired a some ridiculous amount of golf balls at a drivers club face and they reported that it had no effect of the driver losing its "pop".

  8. Double Z

    Exactly as I would expect... Repetitively striking a compressible golf ball shouldn't have any effect on the structural integrity of todays advanced materials that club OEM's are electing to design and build clubs with.

    You can count on Titleist to deliver these high-quality designed and manufactured products. If you are still worried about a club dieing, stick with Titleist! ... They won't let you down.

  9. Joshua L

    In my opinion no clubs "die" the only clubs I've had that "died" cracked, and both were drivers. I've been using the same 3 wood since 2006 and it keeps up distance wise with any other 3 wood I've hit. Titleist clubs are held to a high standard, you have nothing to fear when bagging a Titleist club. 

  10. Dave M

    That is correct. I am lucky enough to have a great club fitter here in new England. He is in golf digest top 100 club fitters in the US. He fitted me for a 913 d2 with the Mitsubishi white 72 which I love. Anyways he was telling a group of guys that you can't ware out a driver it's impossible. He said it could break or crack but not ware out.
  11. Tom S.

    I would have to agree with Skylar..I had a old TM Burner Driver that seemed to loose it's POP after 3 yrs of normal use when i first started golfing..So I do think they do loose something..But irons Im not to sure if they do?Maybe loose some spin?

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