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712 CB vs MB

Mike B

Looking to buy a new set of irons and can't decide between the two. What is the difference between them, and what benefits come from each of them. 

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  1. Connor I.

    Hi Mike, I have hit both of these irons and I noticed that they are very similar. The cb712 is a little more forgiving than the mb but they look basically the same at address. I would just recommend that you take both of these irons out on the course and see which one performs the best for you. If you don't go with the cb712 or the mb712 than try out the Ap2 712's they are fantastic!

  2. 19hole

    Mike, do yourself the biggest favor you can and go see a club fitter. It is impossible for us to tell you which clubs to get in this forum. There are so many factors to think about (skill level being one) that you can't get the right answer here.

    In general, the MB is a club for a very skilled player that is looking for the ultimate in ball control. The CB is a very good club for the skilled player looking for a great combination of ball control and club forgiveness. A lot of players that I have done fitting for end up with a mixed set of either CB/MB or AP2/CB, t=with the longer clubs made in the more forgiving iron.

    Just because you like the "look" of an iron like the MB doesn't mean that it is the right club to have you play your best golf. Get a fitting and trust the Titleist Certified Fitter to stear you in the right direction.

  3. Taylor R

    This post was very helpful as I am in search of purchasing a set of MB 712's. I have played with both clubs and feel that with more bladed MB creates a more crisp feel when striking the ball properly. 

    Good post Mike B, helped us both out with some information on these clubs. Thank you.


  4. Jason G

    On the AP2/CB combo what iron do you see most people switching to the AP2?  



  5. 19hole

    6 iron seems to be the common break point. The 4,5, and 6 would be AP2 and the 7,8,9 and W would be CB. The same break is generally true for the CB/MB combo sets.

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