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Current Grips on your Titleist Clubs???

Carlo Angelo

As the season is about to start, I am in the market for new grips.  I would like to get a census of what grips TT have on their clubs? Personal preference, type, size, no. of warps and even style?  This would help me out in choosing the grips to put on my clubs.

Last year I had the standard Titleist Tour Velvet Golf Pride.580" on all my clubs.  Previously, I had Winn on my old club.  Problem last year was it seems I was jamming my right ring finer against my left fore finer (overlap grip), the pain was bearable when playing but it was just a hindrance when hitting balls in the range.

Recently, I was introduced to PURE Grips? Anybody else heard to it and using it?  Would like to get an opinion?


Happy Golfing.


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  1. Lefty FPL

    Hi not familiar with the Pure grips but been using the Dri-Tac 5DT-DG: Standard Dark Gray and really like them

  2. One Putt

    GP Tour Velvets is my choice. I played them for 8+ years. I ordered a Puregrips Tour Pro after talking to them about the closest grip to the TV. It's a nice grip.....I am going to stick with GP TV. 

  3. Mike B


    I also have not tried the PURE Grips. I am currently using the Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound and I really like them. You should try them out. 


  4. Greg F

    I heard good things about Pure. You can put the grips on yourself without tape but need an adapter and an air compressor to install. 

    I regripped all my clubs with iomic sticky 1.8s last week. They are expensive but last twice as long as a standard grip per reports. They do great in the rain from what I understand as well. I used to have GP Tour Wraps and realized first hand they suck when it it rains when thunderstorms went through La Quinta last Fall.

    I got the Iomics for $8.50 a grip from a discount website and after I bought 15 grips, two days later it jumped to $12. Hmmn

  5. Brian M

    I have been playing with the gofl pride multicompound with four wraps.  Just re-gripped clubs with these as well (was thinking about going with the whiteouts, but stuck with the black/white).  They feel great and work well in verious weather conditions.

  6. Ken

    I have used Lamkin 3GEN R.E.L. grips with 2 wraps of tape on my Titleist clubs for the past 2 years. They wear extremely well and clean up great. The choice of colors is an added bonus.

  7. Jack

    I use Golf Pride Tour Wraps.

  8. ToddL

    Can't say I have tried the PURE grips, but I prefer the Golf Pride Tour Wrap.  Sticky, good in the weather, and will not tear up gloves.

  9. Jim L

    Golf Pride, new decade, red and black, midsize logo down.

  10. Hitn18

    I have Iomic they are a bit more expensive but if you keep them clean they last at least twice as long as any other grip.  I play about 50-60 rounds a year and can easily get two seasons out of a set 


  11. Connor I.

    I use the Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound mid size grip, Blue/ Black. The only thing I don't like about these grips is that when it is cold outside, they get really hard. Other than that, great grip.

  12. asousa

    New Decade Whiteout, Red and White, Midsize

  13. Mike P.

    Lamkin crossline tour cords. Love them.

  14. Gator

    Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord, 2 extra wraps, logo underneath.

    Can't beat these in wet weather and hot, humid summers!

  15. Gator

    Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

    2 extra wraps with logo underside

    The absolute best in wet conditions and warm/humid climates!

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