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should handicaps 3 and lower have 712 ap1s

jackson j

im off 2 and im 14 yrs old and im struggling with me approach shots in to the green. i play with ap1 712 and i got them when i was off 10 and now since im off a lower handicap i need to hit more greens and they are not get crisp contact thru the ground. so should i get new irons or should i stick with them and keep workin till i can get them having nice crisp contact.

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  1. Skylar T

    I think you should stick with your ap1's because I think that just because someone is a low handicap does not mean they need blades.  Look at Ben Curtis, he is a successful PGA tour player and he plays the AP1's.

  2. Ben W

    Hi jackson, Im off 3 and am 19 years old and have been using players irons since I was about 13 and off mid teens handicap, the AP1's will give you distance and some degree of sccuracy but at the end of the day if courses are frim and fast you need th control and shot shaping options tha you can only get from players Irons, plus flyers are much more likely to happen with game Improver Irons than, players.  Personally I use the 712 CB's which I think are fantastic and deliver performance with forgiveness, however this might be a big jump from the AP1's so the AP2's would also be a very good option. 

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