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Arm Lock Putters?

Henry T

I usually like to toy around with different methods, especially with putting, and I was wondering if there is going to be a Scotty Cameron Arm Lock Putter coming out in the near future. Ever since the probable ban on anchoring, it seems like many people have turned their attention to the Arm Lock style that MK uses. I know another manufacturer has already made two models of Arm Lock Putters but I hope that Titleist will start manufacturing Arm Lock Putters soon. If anybody has any information about any Scotty Cameron Arm Lock Putter that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. bcjames

    I was just thinking about this while watching the WGC.  This method is something that I have always found interesting and would love it give it a try.  Something to help steady the hands in the putting stroke.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from Titleist regarding this.  I hope this is something Scotty Cameron is working on.

  2. KEITH S

    The arm lock does seem like it would help. I've fooled around with one in the pro shop, but I had to change so much in my stroke because the putter wasn't fit to me.

     I believe you have to really play with the lie and loft of the putter so it fits your stroke, rather your stroke fit the putter.

    Something to think about


  3. Quintin H

    Isn't it just a belly putter?

  4. Dave M


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