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New to Titleist Clubs

Ricky C

I am new to the world of Titleist clubs (excluding my Cameron putter) and recently purchased a 913D3 9.5* with a Diamana "whiteboard" shaft.  I have struggled with drivers in general as long as I have been playing golf (15+ yrs).  I have teed off with an original cally steelhead 3 wood for a few years, sacrificing distance for accuracy.  It made NO sense to me, that I could not hit a driver with any accuracy at all, yet able to work my 3 wood with little to no effort.  Then i got FITTED for the 913!  I am no pro by any stretch (16-18 hcp) but I finally hit the course last weekend.  I was really impressed with with club on the course.  I felt confident, like "this one is mine, fit just for me".  With the yardage I gained from being A) consistent B)being confident the club will respond, I tried some risk/reward tee shots that I NEVER would have tried last year.  So far, very happy with the club, I just hope I keep splitting fairways.

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  1. Brice Waddell

    Welcome to the Team, Ricky! Thank you for the great testimonial about the importance of being properly fit for your equipment.  Best wishes for continued success finding fairways ... you now have one less thing to worry about when you stand on the tee.

    Brice Waddell
    Titleist Golf Clubs Marketing 

  2. asousa

    I felt the same way before I got fit for my 913.  I was very inconsistent with my Cobra driver and my playing partners would always get on me for taking it out saying "just use your 3 wood".  Now with a driver that is custom fit for me I find myself hitting it past my buddies!

  3. Norris

    The more you use the 913D3 and get more used to it, the better it will get and the better your drives will be. Also, you can tweek it a little to fit you even better with the adjustable hossel. If your like me, you'll like your 913D3 so well that you'll want a new set of Titleist irons next. Good luck with your new 913 driver.

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