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Wedge Stamping

Henry R

Hi all,

I was considering getting my name stamped on my wedges but i am on a tight budget. I was wondering if any one had a do-it-yourself alternative.


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  1. Ken W

    I know all about being on a budget. However, stamping is not a project for the average do-it-yourselfer. You can find some suitable alpha-numeric punch sets online for reasonable prices ($20-30). Capital letters like Mr. Vokey uses are easy to locate. You can then stamp and do the paintfill however you like. Keep in mind you'll need to have the clubhead in a fixed position and a steady hand with the hammer. Acrylic paint or paintfill sticks are available at any Hobby Lobby etc. Pros: you can do as many characters as you want, paint colors, and have the setup ready to do future projects. Cons: You don't have an experienced hand doing it and any mistakes are on you. Do the costs of buying the tools and supplies equal or exceed what it will cost to send the wedges to Vokey? Like many things I've learned in clubmaking, I found practicing on a "non-vital" clubhead to get the touch of stamping the way to start. Very cool project though Henry!

  2. Henry R

    Thank you for your response ken. My dad told me he has the stamps and from past model building interest I have the paints. I'll use an old wedge and give it a try. Thanks again

  3. Dan S

    Henry let us know how it went. I thinking about stamping my own.

  4. Michael B

    I wanted to try stamping this past winter, but never got around to it. Now that golf season is here again, in NY, it will have to wait until next winter. Henry keep us updated.

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