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Graphite Design G - Series

Barry B

Is there anyone out there currently using a GDI G - Series shaft?  I have a YS6+ in my 910 (was fitted for it) and I'm getting ready for a 913 fitting session in a couple weeks and want to see if anyone is using the G - Series.  If so, what is your overall impression of the shaft and how is it performing?


Barry B.

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  1. Chris T

    Hi Barry, I play the G50 in a 910 D2. I went to this shaft as it gave me a higher launch than the kali and was easier for me to load than the YS6+. I've played it for around a year now and I find it to be very stable with good feel. It also launched higher the YS6+ ( At least it did for me)

    I reckon a lot will depend on your swing speed and tempo. I haven't tried the G60 but I'm told it launches a tad lower than the YS6+ for a given flex and also generates a bit less spin.

    Personally I'd start by trying your current shaft in the 913 head and compare to your current driver, I've done this without the benefit of trackman with the G50 and it plays very similar. The real difference I found was off center performance was better with 913.

    I'm also looking into the diamana s+ as I've had good reports from people about that but haven't been able to demo one yet.

    hope this helps..

    Chris T


  2. Barry B


    Thanks, the info helps.  I do want to see a little lower ball flight and a reduction of spin rate.  Based on the custom options chart, the G60 looks like a possible candidate shaft.  I'll see what falls out from the fitting session.


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