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Shaft Tips

JB Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

I was online looking at new shafts and repair parts after returning from the PGA Show, and found several companys selling tips for Titleist woods that supposedly fit both the 910 and the 913. Is this correct that the tips are interchangable?


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  1. Cameron D


    The 910 and 913 Driver shaft only are interchangeable.  I would be careful when dealing with the Surefit tips from other retailers and manufacturers, as we do not sell or send to retailers these tips.    



  2. JB



    So the tips that GolfSmith and Golf Works are not from you?




  3. Cameron D


    No.  I believe they even have roman numerals on them. 



  4. Micah E


    I just posted this question a day ago and I dont understand this at all. I've got a 913 D3, F & H and have aftermarket shafts to drop in but I cant get anything but a knock off tip?? Can you order them from the Titleist factory? If not this is a little ridiculous. Can you please let me know more.



  5. Ken W

    You may not like it, but look at the situation from Titleist's position. Having their SureFit adaptors for retail sale everywhere creates a host of quality control and other issues. Everything from improper or sloppy installation, to easier counterfeiting (both shafts and entire clubs ). This reflects poorly back on the company. You can still get the job done by either buying aftermarket adapters, pre-owned authentics, or removing the Titleist SureFits from your current shafts.

  6. Ryne F

    I completely Agree with Micah. We have bought the 913 clubs from Titleist, how is it possible to not be able to get the adapter?? We should be able to send the shaft to titlesit and get the adapter or buy it from them. I have bought the 913 D3 head and want to put a Fujikura Fuel shaft in it and your telling me I cant get the Titleist adapter for it? That is a joke! I dont want some knock off or generic adapter, titlesit should respect that and should be ashamed for anyone to want something different then their adapter in their clubs...

    Any answers to this?....can we send our shaft and head into Titleist and get the adapter put on that way? I have had a whole bag of titleist clubs for the longest time and would appreciate some good customer service with the adapters...thanks

  7. Ryne F

    When I spend 300$ on a 913 head, i expect to be able to purchase an adapter without an issue...


  8. Norris

    Just wondering where you bought the 913 head, since Titleist doesn't sell the head only. Just my opinion, but Titleist is in the business to sell golf clubs, not parts so you can make your own. If you bought the head only, it very well could be that it's not an authenic Titleist head. Since you bought the head only, and have your own shaft, I don't see why buying an after market adapter would be a problem, since you don't have a authenic Titleist club anyway. Just my 2 cents worth as I see it.

  9. Micah E

    Ryne I'm glad I'm not the only one that has this viewpoint. And Ken, no offense, but none of that really made since to me.... You talk about a quality control issue, but what more of a quality control issue could your company ask for than someone else making an adapter that connects the club head you made to the "engine" of the golf club? It seems to me Titleist is putting their work in the hands of others. As far as sloppy instillation goes, how could anyone hold Titleist accountable for poor goldsmiths?? And I dont know how much you have checked on the internet about counterfeit clubs but I dont think an adapter will give them some groundbreaking data to make any better counterfeits that they already do, they've pretty much got that locked down.  My whole point on the matter is I pay a lot of money to play the quality that Titleist offers and I feel the integrity of that quality is compromised when I put an off brand aftermarket anything in my Titleist. Of course I will continue to play Titleist as I have through my high school and college career. I just think there should be a way to get a Tileist product for my Titleist products. (i.e. - adapter for the head)

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