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New 714 mb irons??

Ted L

I am starting to wear out the faces on my 670mb irons and love the look of the 712mb irons and have hit them quite a few times but if your 2 year product life-cycle holds true would the new MB iron be introduced this fall? any insight if there would be big changes? or just cosmetic updates?

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  1. Joshua R

    If you ask me, clubs are clubs. They are only tools to get you to the green. The real challenge is crafting a swing that is diverse and works for you at every instance of the game. I myself prefer a Muscle Back club, I like to work out. 

  2. Tim S

    From what I have seen, the 714's may be a combo set and redesigned. If you like the pureness of the MB, purcase the 712's. They are one of the best sets you can get. An awesone awesome club.

    I really pray the MB line continues and they just make minor enhancements. The current MB line is the best ive seen outside of Miura.

    The rumor of this cahnge is just that, a rumor but you cant go wrong with the current 712's

  3. Dan C

    If the two year cycle continues the new MB's should come out at the beginning of 2014.  I love the 712's the feel great and the look is unbeatable.  After my school golf season is over I am going the buy a set to game this summer!

    Hope I helped!

    Dan C.

  4. Tim S

    I think Titleist is moving towards 2 piece clubs like you see with the AP2's and the 712 Utility iron as well as the png Anser forged. I have a snaky suspicion the 712 utility iron is the precursor to the 714 MB's.

    They look great



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