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Compare 690mb and 712mb


I had been playing 690mb irons for years and recently traded them in on a set of AP2's.  Both sets of clubs have the same px 7.0 shafts and while I do like the AP2 irons, I find them a little bulky and having more offset than Im used to.  I believe the AP2 irons may be a little stronger loft too because I do hit them a little longer but not much.  I just believe the 690mb's were a little easier to work the ball both ways.  I am a die hard Titleist iron player and have no intention of changing brands but do miss my mb irons.  I had actually found a set of 712mb heads and had intended to build them to my specs but they were stolen out of my truck along with a new 713 d2 driver before I got to test them.  Can anyone give me a fair comparison between the 690mb and the 712mb irons?  I have also been playing Rifle shafts for years but had been considering the KBS C Tapers in the iron heads that were stolen.  I play my irons standard loft and 2° flat so a stock spec comparison should be fine.  Should I expect adding or loosing any distance if I swap from px to kbs shafts?  Thanks to anyone who can help.

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  1. keith d

    I play with 712 cb's but i made the switch from project x 7.0 to kbs c-taper x flex shafts.  The ball flight is noticeably lower with less spin with the c-tapers.  Gained half a club with the penetrating trajectory.  They also feel a bit more solid to me than the px

  2. MHancock

    While I know Titleist definitely does its homework, I found myself very disappointed with the results of my ap2 testing.  While I am by no means a tour Lev player, I do consider myself a pretty good iron player and have played Titleist irons for years and have no intention of swapping any time soon.  However swapping from my older 690.mb irons to the newer ap2's did not improve one aspect of my game and actually hurt a lot more than anything.  I just couldn't find any kind of consistency and was routinely one or more clubs short in every situation.  This really surprised me knowing the ap2 were designed with a little stronger lofts.  I did however find them to be a little heavier and the launch monitor confirmed that my ss had slowed considerably with these.  After suffering through one last tournament Saturday trying to like them, I simply couldn't do it.  I immediately went to the person who I had purcashed my 690's basically begging to buy them back.  I ended up trading him the newer much more valuable AP's just to get my old irons back but it was well worth it to me.  Maybe I just had a bad set or the ap's simply didn't suit my swing or game but from now on, it will be strictly mb style irons for me.  I would love to try the newer line of mb's but won't make the mistake of selling my 690's again.  I know they won't last forever so I will continue looking for something to replace them but the ap line just wasn't it for me.

  3. Tim Tiger

    I'm a 4 hndcp and went from custom fit 690MB's (2 deg up, 1/2" long,standard loft, DG S300's)  to the AP2 710's (same specs with KBS Tour S+) I did not lose any distance and can still work the ball just fine.  

    Have recently been hitting some 712 MB's and they are as close to the 690MB's that Titleist has come out with.  Can work the ball just how you want to.  I like the KBS Tours for the feel. PX did not suit my swing.

    If you are wanting to go from blade to blade, I think they would be a wise choice.


  4. MHancock

    Thanks for the reply and input.  I am really very happy with the setup of my 690's.  They came straight from Titleist with the specs I needed.  They have always been a perfect fit but like most golfers, we all want a little more.  I honestly found the ap2's to be much less forgiving for me.  Like I said before, might have been a bad set or may have just been me.  The AP's never looked or felt right for my game and the card showed that.  Where I usually shoot in the mid 70's every time, I found myself struggling to shoot low 80's.  I still question that they were bent correctly to the lie I needed as address and divots almost looked like they were upright instead of flat.  I also discovered after getting my 690's back that the AP's were easily a half inch shorter. All of this seems very strange and I guess to many, adjustment would be easy but when I want to hit the ball 150 yards, I know exactly which 690 to pull out.  With the AP's, it was more of a guess.  

    I guess what I'm trying to say is get fit by a quality fitter and you will play better.  I'm sure the AP's are great for most players.  It also says they are forged but don't feel anything like my MB's.  I can tell instantly where I hit or miss with them and easily work the ball.  It was a little embarrassing during a lesson when I was demonstrating different shots and some looked like I needed the lesson instead of   I will definitely try to get some time on the monitor with the newer MB's and different shafts because I know the 690's are not going to last forever.  I swapped from miz blades to the 690's and never looked back.  I don't intend to change from Titleist.  I would just like to find a suitable replacement set when I do retire these.

  5. FitzOne

    Hello Golf Brethren,

            Just wanted to give my two cents in regards to the difference between the 690mbs and the 712mbs.  I too loved my 690mbs but my wife decided to purchase a set of 712mb for my birthday.  I have to say the 712mb club is a lot lighter to me and also sets a little more upright so I had to have them adjusted back to the same specs as my 690s.  The truth is just like a new pair of shoes you have to get use to the club especially if you got attached to the old set.  Although I loved my 690mb clubs I find that with the new technology it take less effort to hit shots on demand.  I am a plus handicap and enjoy the game.  As you know to shoot below Par is a challenge in itself so the club is everything and workability of the shot adds to this equation.  Take it from me the 712mb clubs are definitely a more than suitable replacement for those most treasured 690mbs I grew to love myself.

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