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Titleist 68i irons

denny y

Just putting this out there for some input.

I was given a set of Titleist 68i irons 2-pw by a friend.

He said that he played them only 2 times and realized that he "simply could not hit them!"

He then put them in his closet and there they have sat for about 10 yrs, until he gave them to me.

Can anyone tell me more about these clubs, since I can't seem to find

much info out there on them? 

They are "Pristine" condition....


Denny Y

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  1. Mike B


    from the home page, you can scroll down to the bottom to the club archive, you should be able to find more about them here.

    Hope this helps!


  2. denny y

    Thanks Mike, much appreciated!

  3. Don O

    Nice history lesson - a 44 degree 9I.  That's now closer to today's pitching wedge and before we needed gap wedges.  Iron for iron - they won't be as long as new models,  The wooden dowel joining the shaft to the hosel will require a fitter with experience with these to change shafts.  If you can use these forged MBs as they are, a great deal, otherwise a great collection for your game room wall.

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