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Suggestion for new Titleist Irons

Rod C

I currently play miz MP 32's and I am planning on replacing with Titleist Irons. Which are comparable in feel and performance AP 2, CB or MB. Thanks for any advice!

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  1. Cameron D


    The 712 MB's would be most comparable in feel and work ability.  The AP2 would be the more forgiving option of the three, but still offers the forged feel and work ability of a blade iron.  



  2. Thomas R

    Hi Rod,

    I was a miz iron guy for some 35 years and last year I changed over to the new AP-1 irons and they are awesome!  The feel was similar to the miz forgings which I thought was remarkable, as I never thought I would play or change to a cast iron.  However these feel great and they are more forgiving AND I am one club longer with these irons.  Not bad for a 66 year old with a 2 hdcp.  I would give the AP-1s a good test before you decide.  Tom R


  3. Chris T

    Ap2 are great all around irons. 

  4. Paul D

    I recently did a fitting, where I compared the launch numbers, accuracy and more importantly FEEL...of various different irons.  Included in the fitting were: MP-59, MP-69, RaZr XForged, MIURA baby blades, Titleist CB & MB 712.  All irons tested with a standard Dynamic Gold S300, and PENTA TP5 golf ball.

    In 1st place were the MP-59.

     I dropped 10 balls in a 15' circle @ 195 no problem.  They are epic irons!, with extremely responsive feel (best way I can describe it).  That said...I am a former miz colt follower, and as of recently I've decided my rounds have not been where I expect them to be, over the past few it's time for a renovation.  My logic is that perhaps a slight change in equipment is enough to enhance my eye for shots on the course, and hopefully I'll start knocking it closer to more pins.  MP-63, 67, 30, & Tour Grad...were the Mizzys I'm leaving in the dust.

    In 2nd place were the Titleist 712 CB....and ultimately the set I'm having built.

    I dropped 10 balls within a 30' radius @ 195, and figured it was probably just my swing that was a little off, as the CB's were hit later in the fitting.  Since the CB's performed that well after being 4th on the list tested it seemed a no brainer.  The feel of the CB's was pure FORGED.  Just as good, if not slightly more responsive than any other irons i've hit.  The sweet spot was large enough to block out any thoughts of missing it, and misshits still caught the edge of the green.  I think what I like most however, is that the shorter irons (PW, 9, 8, 7)...look just like the MB's.  They are very confidence inspiring, and extremely clean at address.  I tend to go pretty hard through the turf, so the sole stability of the CB's vs the MB's really sold me.


    You're best to do the same thing I did.  It doesn't matter what works for us, it matter what works for you.  Get a few irons in your hands, give'em a shot.  If you heart is set on Titleist, like mine was, then test the full 712 range of'll be happy you did:--)   It really won't take but 15 minutes of your time to decided which feel best suits your preference.  Hope that helps...Good luck.

  5. Mark D

    I use to play MP32s also....still have em as a matter a fact but they just look pretty in my golf study at home cuz they havent seen the course for quite awhile. I have been using the first gen AP2s since they came out and have loved them.One  club stronger , more forgiveness on off center shots ,less distance loss on mishits,and like the MPs ...pure shots feel like butter....still clubs that let you work the ball when you want but produce less left to right or right to left when you didnt want it...You cant go wrong with these..

  6. David P

    I was a miz iron player for years - mp 32/60 combo set with satin project x 5.5 shafts.  I recently decided I needed a change and ended up with a new set of Titleist irons and I could not be happier.

    Current set is 712 CB/MB combo set.  I was leaning towards the AP2's but could not get comfortable with the ball flight - tried numerous shafts but could not find the right combination.  Mentally I wanted something "more forgiving" but I did not feel right about the heads.

    4-7 in CB, 8-pw in MB w project x pxi 6.0 shafts - these irons are amazing.  The head/shaft combo - I picked up one club in distance which is taking some getting used to.  They are quite forgiving, but a sold shot is so damn pure its scary.

    Highly recommend this iron set combo - so pleased

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