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Scotty Cameron Putter (Golo, Fasback, Monterey or Sonoma)

Qasim M

I am going to be going to HK in a few days and plan on purchasing my first SC putter from there. I am a 12 handicapper and more of a straight back to front putting style. I know SC doesn't really make face balanced putter but I wanted to know which one of the above would be ideal for me? Which is "more" of a face balanced than the other. I also prefer a D shaped putter.

If I could get a reply ASAP it would be highly appreciated as I am travelling in the next few days.

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  1. Justinu3

    This might help to understand putters.  Scotty put this guide out last year and it explains head shapes and the necks.  

  2. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Qasim,  Please note that all Scotty Cameron putters for the world are built here in the US.  The putters most conducive to a straight back and through putting arc are the GoloS, the Golo 5S, the Fastback, and the Newport 2.6.

  3. Norris

    Thank You Cathi, and Justinu3 for your posts. This is very helpful info since I like a straight back & through putter stroke, and I just bought a GoLo S yesterday 3-18-13. Did not know this before, but I knew the GoLo S felt perfect with my swing.

  4. Qasim M

    I know. It's just that in my home country we don't get a large variety

    . Just tried the putters really like fastback and Newport 2.6. Confused which to get. I think I was aligning Newport 2.6 better but I liked fastback feel better. 

  5. James f

    be extremely cautious of fakes my friend. if youre not sure about it. dont buy it! i know i would hate to buy a fake and i sure wouldnt want someone else to end up with one. the Golo is sweet for a straight back putt. nice and heavy. its almost cheating on short putts. hope you get the one you want!

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