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Can't wait to receive my new clubs!!!

Jimmy B

Just ordered my new clubs: 913 D2, 913 F 3 wood, 2 913 H (19,21), AP2 5-PW, 3 black nickel Vockey SM4 (52,56,60), Scotty Cameron GoLo5 and mid size staff bag. Can't wait to get them and start playing. TITLEIST rocks!!!!!

Jimmy B

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  1. Norris

    Be sure to let us know how your new treasures are working for you, James B. I'm curious to know about your GoLo5. I just ordered a GoLo S, and was thinking about the GoLo 5. I haven't seen the GoLo5 yet, but I've read on Titleist website that it is just like the GoLo, only 10% smaller. Would like to see the two side by side for a real compairson. Although, I've always liked a smaller putter, so maybe it's best if I don't see one, since my GoLo S is on it's way home to my house.  Best of luck with your new clubs, but I'm sure you won't be needing any luck since you chose Titleist.

  2. Ron M.

    Congrats on your new club order....That sounds like a great bag to be playing out of...Did you get fitted for your new sticks? Enjoy and hit-em long and straight...

  3. Joe M

    Went to oceanside to the Titleist fitting center last friday waiting for my new clubs also cant wait. See you on the links

  4. Jimmy B

    I'll definitely let you know how I like the GoLo 5. I've had more of a 2-ball style in the past but am looking forward to the smaller head. Good luck with your GoLo S 

  5. Jimmy B

    Yes I did get fitted at a CC near my home. The experience was great, will never own another brand of club that's for sure. I'm a Titleist guy all the way now!!!

  6. Andy Y

    I feel ya man!!! It will be worth the wait i just revamped all of my titleist equipment a few months ago and waiting on it was painful!!!! When it comes in it is well with the wait!! Enjoy your new equipment, I know i do. Hit em straight.


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