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Fake SM Wedge?


So I watched videos and read some articles comparing the SM to the SM4, and every article talks about how they went from having 14 grooves to 17. Mine has 15 grooves. I bought the club used from a respected private golf club dealer. Everything looks normal, but the authentic stickers on the shaft were gone when I got it. There is a serial number on the clubhead, so how can I go about finding out whether this is an authentic club?

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  1. Breks19

    Take it to a Authorized dealer and have them call Titleist with the serial # they will be able to verify it for you.

  2. Ken W

    The serial number is always a good place to start with a Titleist. If the wedge is counterfeit, the number will either be silk screened or too large and sloppy an engraving. It may actually be from a legitimate club but probably won't have the correct specs if Titleist checks it. Counterfeits rarely have anything that is authentic. The grip is fake and you can usually tell. The shaft is fake ( Project X ) shafts are used a lot ) so check the shaftband for color match or anything out of place. Quality control is poor so check the paint or finish, the evenness and that the proper ferrule has been used, and all stampings and logos. With wedges and putters, look at the milling on the faces. Most counterfeits can be identified just by paying attention to small details. Even the best used dealers will usually have an occasional fake slip by them and they shouldn't have an issue taking it back. I've seen some tough ones to identify. Pretty sharp that you caught the number of grooves is off. I pulled out my SM4 and counted them! 17 top to bottom.

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