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913 F.d 18°

Chris K

Anyone using this yet?

I have the 15° and really like it and I was thinking of picking up the 18°.  I like to use a 5W off the deck for par 5's, how easy is the 18° F.d to hit off the deck?  Also is the clubhead the same shape as the 15° F.d, I notice both are listed as being 180cc.

Just trying to figure which would be better off the deck the F or F.d in 5W loft.

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  1. Connor I.

    Hey Chris, I have hit both of these fairway woods and they are both awesome. for versatility I think the 913f is better because it is a little smaller than the 913fd and has a little deeper face. The 913f is for hitting more off the deck and the 913fd is for people who like to use off of a tee as a straight driving club basically. Hope this helps.


  2. Paul F

    Using the 15 fd and it is awesome

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