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FG 62 or Titleist 712 MB left-handed player!!!

Paul B

Hi everyone, 

So currently I am using the FG62 irons, left-handed, for my game. Since the PGA superstore I live by didn't have Titleist MB 712's for me to try. I currently play a 75-85 per 18 hole round, I am around a 6 handicap, and my 5-iron speed tends to be roughly 105-108 miles an hour. I wanna know, should I stay with my FG62's or switch over to the Titleist's, I'm generally looking for shot-shaping and feel more than distance. Please and thank you!!

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  1. Don O

    Since your requirement is feel, you would need to compare the MB against your FG62s off of turf.  If you can find Advanced Fitting Centers within 50-100 miles of you, you may want to schedule a time when they can fit you out of doors.  Even a local golf course outside with a cart would be better than online testimonials or going to a large retailer to hit into a screen.  Fortunately Titleist takes care of LH golfers with every club short of a 7.5 degree D3.  Worst case scenario - you confirm the FG62s are real close to the MBs and pay for the fitting.  Best case - you get the fitting covered in the purchase of clubs that will improve your feel and workability. 

    This web site, under golf clubs - fittings lists all the Titleist dealers in your area.

  2. Christian J

    It just depends.  If these clubs are working for you, I wouldn't change them.  The MB's are going to help you shape your shots and give you better feel.  Maybe go somewhere to try the clubs out.  I was set on AP1's for awhile, but when I tried the AP2's they were so much better.  BTW, I feel your pain of being a LH golfer, those stores hate us!

  3. John L

    Go 712. they are an awsome blade. i love them so much i bought two sets. fenominal club. you wont regret the switch i promis.

    cheers greens and fairways


  4. Stephen F

    Im in the same predicament. I am playing off a 4 which isn't very far from a 6, but I tried out both the CB's and the MB's. Both felt real nice but the MB's get better shot shaping. If you want the better workability get the MB's. If you can hit the sweet spot on the MB's ( about the size of a dime) which at a 6 shouldn't be hard, you will be getting your money's worth.

    P.S. Good to know there is another lefty out there besides myself.

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