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Sure fit hosel system


Does the ring (1-4) settings spin independent of the shaft / hosel ?  I thought I had set my Driver to the C-1 setting and I thought the Golf Pride label on the grip was facing face up when I regripped.   I changed the setting to C-3 to experiment and the Golf Pride writing was still face up.  When went to reset to C-1 today, I realized that the Golf Pride writing faces the ground,  The only numerical setting i can use to have the grip aligned "correctly" is 3.  I'm I losing my mind, or is there something not working propery?

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  1. Robert J

    No you are not losing your mind, the shaft rotates, and the 1 and 3 positions would be 180 degrees apart from one another, so not only is the grip logo changing, your shaft graphics should also change. See the Sure - Fit chart on the Titleist site to verify.

  2. Norris

    Anthony; The number ring (1-4) is attached to the hosel, so when you change the numbers, you also turn the shaft. The letter ring (A-D) is independent, and turns all on it's own. Anyway, that's the way my 910 works.

  3. ASusi3

    Thanks for the responses.....

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