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Austin S

I am considering buying 4 vokey wedges. I would like everybody's thoughts. Post away.

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  1. Lou G

    Austin S

    I am considering buying 4 vokey wedges. I would like everybody's thoughts. Post away.

    First off, what is the loft of your pitching wedge? Or if you want to use a Vokey in place of the PW, what is the loft of your 9 iron?

    The "traditional" 4 wedge setup is 48-06, 52-08, 56-11 and 60-07. Keep in mind if you go to 4 wedges you have to take out a long club.

    I use an AP1 PW (bent to 46*)  and my Vokeys are SM4  54-11 and 60-10 (both bent 1* strong) and 64-07.  I have 20 yards between the PW and the 54-11 but that is a non-issue since I can work a pitching wedge pretty well.    I have 15 yards between the rest.  This is pretty close to the PW (47), SW (55), SM2 60-07 and 64-07 setup I used from 2009-2011.  These two arrangements work very well for me.  I'm also unusual because I carried a 64 wedge from 2006-2011.  

    When I changed my irons from DIY to Eye 2, I replaced the SW with SM c-c 54-11 (bent to 55).  Later that year I bought a 50-08 and found it worked better than my Eye 2 PW so I tossed the latter (at the same time I traded the SM2s for a SM c-c 62-07).   I briefly played SM c-c 58-04 but it saw limited use and I went to SM4 60-10 (bent to 59) in May 2012 to replace it and the 62.   I also bought a used SM4 52-12 at the end of last year and played it until recently to simplify the top end of the wedge setup and then found the SM4 54-11 (bent to 53) glides much better in soft sand (the 52-12 tended to dig a little).    I was able to get a full refund on 52-12 and apply it toward the 64. 

    Quite a few are getting away from the "tradtional" 52-08 GW and 56-11 SW setup and going to a 54-11 to simplify the top end of the wedge setup.  

    I would strongly suggest SM4 46-06 (as a PW),  50-08, 54-11 and 60-10.   You can tweak the  54 to 55 for a little more bounce and to even the distances between GW-SW-LW.

    I can't say enough about the 60-10 wedge since I have been using it as my primary greenside bunker club since last May (in soft and hard sand).  The 59* loft and 9* of bounce makes it better for greenside and firm conditions while still able to be used in soft conditions.

    Good thing to do is see a fitter to determine your setup.  What works for me may not work for others.







  2. Cole N

    I have 4 vokey's in my bag, I don't like "set" wedges because I think they go way farther than they should and Vokey's spin the ball more. I have 48, 52, 56, and 60, all with the lowest bounce possible. I live in dry Western Kansas and the turf conditions are usually very firm, and I also like to have the ability to be able to open up the blade and not have to worry about bouncing into the ball if I hit just barely behind it.
    Also, I have been taught how to hit sand shots with low bounce and it seems to work very well for me. I swing just as hard as if I had more bounce, I just attack the ball a little less steep than most instructors teach. Our bunkers are a pretty firm type of sand too.
    The main reasons I have 4 wedges is because I don't like the set wedge and so I can spin it more from the fairway if I have to. It covers my gaps much better than the set wedge.

  3. Paul B

    Look you gotta consider price, 

    I currently have two wedges and they are Bob Vokey TVD's, 54 and a 58, and to be honest I love them. But they are made for a specific swing type I believe. 

    See for a digger type swing, where you pick up a lot of turf off the ground I would recommend the TVD's (150$ without customization which is your choice) since they have the 'tour grind' which I am guessing is about 6-12 degrees of bounce or the SM4's at roughly anything higher than 8 degrees of bounce. 

    If you got a wing that doesn't pick up much turf off the ground, which is what I used to have I had the 200 series from Bob Vokey which is available on his website for (120$) new and I am guessing you are a righty so you are bound to find the perfect fit.

    I never liked the SM4's just cause I didn't. As awful as that reason is, but I recommend the 200 series or the TVD's because they are extremely classy clubs and they are made by the best for the best.

    HOPE THIS HELPED, sorry if it didn't   

  4. Nick J

    I would really recommend and go find a course that does outdoor wedge fittings.  It is truly worth the time and money.  Not only will they help fill the correct yardage gaps you need but will all the different combinations of degree, bounce, and shafts a wedge fitting can make a huge difference.  Its important to do this outdoors as you can try different wedges on every possible shot.

  5. Barry Y

    I love the Vokey Wedges, I believe the course conditions you play most often would dictate your set up. I chose my wedges based on my golf clubs general conditions most often as well as what I felt would best suit my style of wedge play everywhere else. For me my PW is the AP2 712 that came with my set. My other 3 wedges are all Vokey SM,,prior to SM 4. I have had them for 6 years or so and chose them to replace miz wedges which I played for 10 or so years. Same specs. 52.08 which I use as a 110/120 club from fairway, greed side chipping and shorter punch drop and stop to green from fairway, perfect in between bounce for soft and firm conditions, also works well in heavier greenside rough to pop it out and get ir rolling on the green. 56.10 for 90-100 from fairway and softer, heavier sanded bunkers where I need more bounce for better explosion type bunker shots, I will also use this in softer fairway conditions in liew of lob wedge if required from distances shorter than 90 yards. 60.04 is my go to wedge 80 yards and under in firm conditions and my wedge of choice for green side bunkers, I tend to use a sweeping, wristy, higher speed swing from the bunker, the low bounce helps with that in firmer bunker conditions for me, if the ball is buried or the sand is heavier I grab the 56 and use more arms with an explosion letting the sand throw the ball as I try and finish at the target. everyone has different styles and requirements but perhaps my scenario will provide you with some specific details of what and why my set up works for me. This low bounce 60 is also great from heavier greenside rough for lob shots where you need to get it up fast over a mound or bunker can really lay it open and maintain control. good luck.

  6. Lou G

    I've had pretty good results with the SM4 60-10 over the past year.   It has 9* bounce with the 59 loft.  I saved 2 pars with that last Friday and I have no problem with greenside bunkers.   I had an SM2 60-07 between 2009-2011 and it was great off the turf but dug a hole in soft sand. 

    If one looks at the leading edge of the SM4 64-07, it has much more bounce vs the 54-11 and 60-10.  The SM2 64-07 has the same sole profile. Both 64-07s appear to have the same profile as a CG15 DSG.   I use the 64 maybe once per round but it comes in handy.

    I have the 54-11 set to 53 and it works pretty well for a majority of conditions.

    As far as set wedge vs Vokey.....  The SM c-c 50-08 was a much better wedge vs an Eye 2 W (which was horrible off tight lies - fabulous for sand).   My AP1 PW works nicely for long bunker shots in soft sand.







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