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913f compared to 913h

Joshua M

Im looking to buy a 19* and Im not sure if I want the wood or hybrid. Has anyone compared the two?

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  1. Lou G

    Joshua M

    Im looking to buy a 19* and Im not sure if I want the wood or hybrid. Has anyone compared the two?

    This particular thing has been a never ending debate.  Some hit hybrids better than woods and vice versa.    I'm one of those who carries fairway woods (even in 2006 I discovered I hit a 7 wood much better than a 3H).   I love the 910F 19* fairway.   I carry a 9 wood because I can't hit a 21 hybrid that well and a 24 hybrid offers little distance gain over the 27.  I knock the daylights out of a 27.  On equally well hit shots, I hit a 21 fairway the same distance as a 16-17 hybrid.

    Hybrid proponents are going to tell you that the 19 is the choice.   There are some that fare better with a hybrid because they tend to bury the fairway wood at impact.

    People with slower swing speeds are generally better off with fairway woods.  It is easier to get a fww airborne.

    Best thing to do bottom line is compare them side by side when going to purchase. 

  2. Paul D

    What are you going to use the club for?  Overall versatility, tee shots or recovery shots?

    Personally, I can hit every shot with a Hybrid that I can with the same loft in a wood...and then some.  The Hybrid will do everything the FWY will do, plus give you options in the rough, sand, pebbles and concrete!  A high lofted fairway wood is cumbersome in some lies...which is not something I can say for my 910H.  Get the right shaft, and a hybrid can quickly save or improve a round.  

    If you play a control course where you need a consistent 200-240 tee shot on just about every hole...go with the FWY.  You'll want to swing it more like a wood, rather than a 3 iron, so be sure to get fit with the right shaft.  And if you need to keep the traj on the fwy better learn to take a divot with it.  Hybrid also requires the right shaft, but it's not as uncontrollable as a FWY with the wrong shaft.  Case & point was the 909H I had with the Stock VooDoo S flex....I swing 115 mph with a driver @165 BS at best...but could still murder the 909H, and knock it close too.

    All the Titleist hybrids I've owned have out performed, out lasted and frankly stayed in the bag longer than any of the Titleist woods I've hit.  Take that for what it worth, I hit all Titleist woods better than anything else on the market.  Your situation may not be the same.  Currently I own a 910F 15° and 910H 19°....they stay in the bag every round.  Good Luck.


    shift + option + 8 

    will get you that degree symbol

  3. Norris

    Hello Paul D; I'm a computer dummy, and have always wanted to know how to get the degree symbol. Thanks for the info, but I'm confused about the "option" part. Is there an option key that I'm not finding? I.E.  shift + ? + 8 = degree symbol. Don't know what you mean by "option"

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