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Glad to have AP1712irons in my bag


I made a foolish mistake. I sold my AP1712 irons a few months ago. I felt like the steel shafts were too heavy. I found a set with graphite factory shafts. They feel great!  Shot 78 today. Best round in 4 months. Hope I have enough common sense to keep them. 

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  1. Norris

    What ever you do, KEEP'UM. I have been wondering the same thing as you, greedtx. I've got the 712 AP1's w/ R300 steel shafts, and been wondering if I should have gone with the graphite instead. I was fitted for my 712's but I told my fitter that I wanted steel. Should have let him tell me what I needed. Do you like the graphite shafts better than the steel? Which graphite shafts did you get?

  2. bcjames

    I have the AP1 712's steel shaft.  I love this irons!  Great feel and forgiveness.  Looks like the switch to graphite worked well for you.  Make sure you keep them!  Amazing clubs!

  3. Robert

    great set indeed. though i have the 08-10 version and not the 712's but i still love em.

  4. greedtx

    I got the stock shaft ( regular). I do like the graphite shafts better. The steel shafts felt a little heavy. These feel really good when you catch it towards the middle. 

  5. Golfaddict

    Keep them, greedtx!! You definitely made the right choice.  I had the AP1 710s with steel shafts and after nearly 2 years felt like the steel shafts were too heavy for me (I'm 62). So last September I traded them for the png i20s with graphite shafts. What a mistake! The Pings just felt too light and I never hit them as well.  Two days ago I was fitted for the AP1 712s in stock graphite shafts and according to the launch monitor I gained 3 mph in swing speed, 5 mph in ball speed and 15 yards in total carry with the 6 iron. Played with them yesterday and shot my best score in over a year.  Will never leave Titleist again!

  6. Mike C

    I think this thread is a great testament to making sure your clubs are properly fit by an authorized fitter.  I was fortunate enough to be fit by the titleist FittingWorks Tour Van and was amazed at all we went through from the ball to the launch monitor, various shafts, lie positions, etc. to dial in the irons and achieve the ball flight I was looking for.  After educating myself a little about this, I realize that the shaft is probably the most important part of the club in determining how your shot will respond to your swing.  With all of the options available for ordering, it just makes sense to get the shaft that is right for you or your swing rather than using whatever shaft happens to come in the club.  A lot of times, the stock shaft is the right fit but, whay not get fit and make sure?

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