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Titleist Ap2 irons

Alex C

I just got new irons with project x 6.0 stiff shafts. Still new to me had them for about a month. Love them but have lost some distance with them. I hit my old tms further than my new Ap2s. Any tips?

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  1. scott s

    Alex - i don't know your previous set-up, but i bet your old clubs were about 1-1/12 club longer.As a previous TM Demo tech, i can say TM is built for distance with stronger lofts on hot cast irons, longer and lighter shafts for height and distance. Your AP2's are a heavier, and softer forged iron with more traditional lofts built for accuracy and finesse. Also with PX shafts- the higher the # the heavier the weight, and lower the torque, definitely neither of those factors contribute to distance either, and if their not flighted your losing even more distance on the longer irons. TIP - don't be obsessed w/distance, get used to your amazing new irons and relearn your distances...and don't forget it's still winter in most places so the ball won't go as far!! Or get properly fit for the game and qualities you're truly looking for. TITLEIST - PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE TO SEND MY RESUME!! :)

  2. Norris

    Thanks for your post scott s. Also, thanks for telling us about your former job, and giving us the facts about the other company's clubs.  That tells me that you know what your talking about. Sounds like very good advise you gave Alex, and I agree with you. Hope your able to hook up with Titleist. If you'll go to Titleist's web site, I think there's a place to go for employment at the bottom of the page. They're a great company, and they are really devoted to helping their customers play better, and giving us the best products on the market.



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