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913 D2 best shaft for me?

Edwin C

I'm currently playing an older TM Superquad with the ProForce V2 shaft and it's served me well for the past few years. Playing to an 8 handicap and looking to get more consistent and possibly longer off the tee. 

Swing speed is 100 mph and my misses were always a high cut/fade. I've since changed to a stronger grip and now my misses are lower and to the left. Occasionally I'll hit a hook. 

I always looked into a shaft that will bring the flight down because of my previous higher ball flight but now with my misses going left and semi low, I'm looking to see what other options I should be looking at. 

I'm planning on getting fit but I wanted to get a sense of some things in the back of my mind so I can read up more about them and be sort of prepared. Any thoughts and suggestions from anyone?

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and advice! 

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  1. Michael B

    As always a good fitter will find the perfect shaft/head combo for you.  I went to a fitting two weeks ago.  I have been using a 909 D3 9.5* with a Aldila Voodoo S shaft.  I have a very high ball flight with a slight draw. My spin rate was around 4,500 - 5,000 RPMs. I was fit for a 7.5* D2 set in the D1 position with a Graphite Design BB S6 shaft.  The fitter would not let me look at the head until I had hit at least 10 balls.  I gained 15 yards of carry and my spin rate dropped to 2,500 - 2,700.  I was schocked when I saw that effectively I was playing a 6.75* lofted driver! I am an 8 handicap as well with a SS of 95-97.  It works for me.

  2. Edwin C

    Thanks Michael for your thoughts. 

    I had a chance today to hit it against a Trackman at a local Golfsmith and the tech tried a ton of different shaft options and settings for me. Out of everything, the best was the D2 fitted with a whiteboard S shaft. My distance wasn't too bad but I must admit, it didn't stand out as much as I had hoped for as I wasn't as consistent with it.  

    He actually had me try a cally Xtreme Razr and I have to say, I hit that one a ton better. Shot displacement was tighter and I was actually about 15 yards longer on average.

    I kept going back to the D2 and asking him to try a bunch of other settings as I really, really wanted to like this driver. So far, I might have to jump ship to the other club but any suggestions anyone would have to modify the set up? 

    He tried to change the loft and bias of the head but he was saying that the Titleist heads tend to be a bit heavier than others so I might be losing some speed off the face. 

    Any thoughts? 

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