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titleist tour model irons conforming grooves

Brandon B

Wondering if the 1980s tour model irons have conforming grooves?

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  1. Mike B


    I was just reading about this the other day, and thought that this page may be of assistance to you.

    Once on this website, if you go to the titleist product section, you should be able to find your answer there. 

    Hope this helps!


  2. Brandon B

    Mike,  The link took me to the USGA conforming club data base but my model is not listed.  Thanks for the reply, I guess my clubs would have to be tested.


  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    In order to be listed on the USGA website for conforming grooves, we would have had to have a set to send to the USGA for testing.  Most of the Tour model irons did have V grooves, which in today's testing would pass the USGA rule for conforming grooves.  The caveat would be that the Tour models were hand polished which might lead to a slight variation in the edge that could possibly not pass the groove testing.  If you wish to play your irons in a conforming groove tournament, you would have to have them tested by the USGA.   

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