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913 Drivers

Muneer F

hi, i am currently using a 909D3 9.5 with a stock Aldila Voodoo S shaft which i hit a good distance of 290+ yds but the trajectory is a bit low.

i am planning to go for 913 but i am confused with either D2 or D3 9.5

the shaft i am getting is the Diamana S+ Blue 62 for both D2 or D3

would appreciate the feedback on the performance of both drivers


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  1. Justin S

    I didnt think Titleist could improve on the 910 D3 until I got my 913 D3 9.5 Oban Devotion 6 05 flex is a bomber.  Great sound, ball just jumps off face. Added about 15 yds off tee which is a nice little bonus

  2. Skylar T

    The head on the D2 looks much bigger than the D3.  I also think that the D2 sets up more shut while the D3 sets up more square. If you like the head in your 909 you should probably go with the D3.

  3. Norris

    Yourwright Skylar. The D2 head is 460cc and the D3 head is 445cc.

  4. Clay

    D2 looks a bit large standing over it but in my opinion it is much easier to hit. I went with the D2 and i am definitely not disappointed. Dont go with the D3 unless you just cant stand the larger clubhead of the D2 or maybe you just want a bit more workability. I have personally hit both and eventually went with the D2. Great choice in my opinion.

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