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Cleaning golf clubs.

Connor I.

Hey TT, I was just wondering how you guys clean your golf clubs and what way is the best. I have always cleaned my clubs in my kitchen sink with a little Dawn dish soap and a cleaning brush.





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  1. Norris

    Conner; I also use the kitchen sink, but I don't like to soak my clubs in standing water, especially my fairway woods & driver. I turn on the facet to a small stream and use a club cleaning brush that has brass and fiber brissels, and a bar of hand soap. I'll wet the club, the brush and the soap. Rub the brush on the soap bar to get the soap on the brush, then scrub the club, then rinse the soap off then dry with a towel. I'll use the brass side of the brush for stuburn spots, but usually the fiber side is all that's needed.

  2. asousa

    I like to use Simple Green.  They make a golf club and grip cleaner.  I have used it for a few years now works great.

  3. Carlo Angelo

    Good old plain/tap water is the best.  No other stuff... CHEMICALS MAY HARM YOUR TITLEIST!!!

    My laundry room is equipped with a service sink. I use golf club brush, old toothbrush and a laundry brush; whichever is needed, to clean the clubface's.  Dry them up with a nice regular golf towel.  Titleist golf towel, for display only on the golf bag... hahaha.


  4. P. Blair

    I find a nylon brush to remove large debris and groove mud, then a vigorous rubbing with a damp microfiber towel removes the vast majority of dirt and grime. On the course or off the course, this is the best method I've found. Can liven up an older grip, as well.

    For stains on irons, or if light rust should occur, Bar Keeper's Friend is without equal. I would avoid using it on paint, of course. And I hear good things about approaching glossy paint on modern woods with the same tools and philosophy you would approach your car's clear coat.

  5. james o

    I just use a corner of my golf towel and wipe down with a little water, works just fine.

  6. 808HACKER

    I use some dish washing soap in a small container with warm water and a nylon brush to clean the dirt in my grooves.  I have forged irons and do not want to use the brass brush as it may scratch my irons.  After that I wipe it dry with a microfiber towel.

  7. Tim Tiger

    Warm water and dish soap in a small bucket.  Use a tooth brush and do not soak your clubs.  Wipe them off with a soft towel.

    Dawn is also good to get the grease off of grips.


  8. SD_Golfer

    I like to get out on the course early in the day, so I leave the dishes until I'm done golfing.  I believe in conservation and since there are only 2 of us dirtying dishes now that the kids are grown, the dish water doesn't get too dirty ... at least not until after the dishes are done and I clean my clubs with a tooth brush  lol.  I dry them with a soft towel and they are clean and ready for the next round of golf :)

  9. Nick F

    Warm water a club cleaning brush an old towel.  I normally use the kitchen sink as I do not like to soak my clubs either. Simple green works well to if you are not wanting to clean your clubs often. 

  10. Tim S

    warm water and a soft bristle hard wire brushed.......and a soft towell to wipe it off.....

    keep it simple

  11. Andrew A

    If clubs are cleaned after each shot, especially with the irons, there really isn't a need for a complete washing at a later point.  I play 710 version of AP2's and have never done a full washing.  

  12. Mike C

    Doesn't everybody clean their clubs after every shot?  I don't think I have ever been in a situation where I had to use soapy water to get dirt off my clubs.  After every shot I just take the time to completely clean the head of the club via a wet towel and make sure the grooves are totally clear.  That way the club is always clean for your next shot.  At the end of the day, there is no clean up work necessary.  Clubs are always clean.  If you don't keep your clubs perfectly clean for every shot the club cannot work as designed.

    The only time I hit multiple shots without cleaning the club is on the range in practice sessions.  Even then, once you switch to a different club you clean the club you were using.  A little water always does the trick.  I guess the old adage is true... the more you clean it, the easier it is to clean!

  13. Don O

    ...This may be why golf rounds take so long!!  LOL

    I left the towel planned for the trip at home, and the pro shop didn't have any (really, only had Titleist hats and ProV's for sale..).  Best I could do was run the head through the dew in the grass or wipe with my bare hand.  Played the front nine in about 1hr-20min and finished under 3 hours beyond a couple of guys barely able to walk (to/from their carts). 

    In some seriousness, our fousome would be hard-pressed to play in 4 hours if we were all cleaning clubs after most shots.


    This is it, and very simple. Use hot (warm) water and a soap pad (ie.....SOS). You can scrub as hard as you like, and you won't scratch the clubs just along as you stay away from the top of the woods (never know about the black finish). Yeah, most of us wet half of our towels before we play with soapy water in the bathroom, but this is for those deep cleanings. I hope that helps....happy ball striking.

  15. Charles G. Conner

    I clean my Titleist golf clubs like Norris does with soap, water, and the brush drying them off with a NON-Titleist golf towel. I have never thought of using Simple Green to clean the grips. Thanks for the tip! I'll clean those grips with Simple Green tomorrow.


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