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Are older Titleist clubs conforming?

David S

I have an older set of Titleist DTR (Distance Through Research) clubs. They were purchased as a gift for me in 1991. Are the groves conforming for current USGA tournament play? I did a search on the compliance portion of USGA's website, but they weren't listed. Anybody know?

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  1. Cameron D


    If an iron model doesn't show up on the USGA website, then that means we never had a full set to send to have tested.  This means that you are taking on the risk that the irons may or may not be conforming.  They were made with a U-groove, which makes me think that they would not have passed as a conforming groove. 



  2. David S


    I was hoping to get a response directly from Titleist. Thanks for your help. Hopefully I will be able to replace these great clubs with one of your updated models soon. Until then, thanks for making moderately priced golf balls  (your DT Solos) so that I can continue to use the Titleist brand, as I have for over 25 years. 


  3. Norris

    Just picked up a sleeve of the DT Solo balls the other day before my round just to try them out. One reason was the lower price, and the other is I've always liked a soft ball. True to the great balls from Titleist, the DT Solo is a great ball. I really liked the feel and sound of it when it comes off the club. Doesn't stop quite as quick from long shots into the green as some of the other more expensive balls, but that's still not a problem, and they work very around the greens. If anyone likes the feel of a soft ball, then don't think twice about trying the DT Solo. They are Titleist quality through and through.

  4. Don O

    it's kind of cool to have an old set like that around.  Besides having them rack mounted in the man-cave, you can still have fun with them on the course.  Even if you did use all of them in a competition, I doubt anyone would file a complaint.  With improved speed off of the face and shaft improvements since then, you'd hardly be gaining the advantage.  Short of carrying only the PW just for the groves like some pros tried for awhile....

  5. David S


    My DTRs are great clubs, and before the economy tanked, I was going to update to the AP2s. I'm not the kind of player who buys the "latest and greatest" every year, preferring instead to become familiar with the best I have to work with, and play my best with what I have. I know these clubs like the back of my hand, and wouldn't trade them for any other cheaper brand just to have a more "technologically advanced" design.

    As far as golf balls go, I used DTs years ago when they were wound balls. Eventually I upgraded to the NXT line, and even the Prov1x, but the DT solos are just fine by me right now. I don't see myself going to some cut-rate brand that you buy in 15 or 24-packs after all these years as a Titleist user. Some things you just don't compromise on.

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