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712u Specs

Christopher P

I noticed that the new 712u Club has a d3 swing weight listed.  Not sure why a d3 swing weight was chosen.  I know this club will be customizable, but I want to know if I should order the club  at d2 swing weight rather than a standard d3 swing weight.  Please respond for suggestions.  Thanks.

Also, what do you guys think about adding a Pxi shaft, at 39.5" ?  I currently play the regular Project X shafts in my irons.  Looking to add the Pxi shaft for the 2 iron 712u Club.

I currently play the following clubs with specs listed:

Driver 910D2 - d2 Swing Weight

Fairway Wood 906F2 - d2 Swing Weight

Irons 712, 3-P - d2 Swing Weight

Wedges SM4 54,60 Degree -d5 Swing Weight

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hello Chris,  I am not certain where you saw that, but since all the 712u clubs are custom only, swingweight will depend on the shaft, length and grip chosen.  The Pxi shafts do build a little lighter depending on flex chosen.  We would recommend requesting a swingweight of D2.

  2. Mark F


    Where are the specs for the 712U clubs listed.  Chris stated that they had a D3 swing weight, he must have seen that somewhere.  I couldn't find them on the sight under "irons" so how would I know what the specs are to see how I would have to change one for my game?  Thanks for your help.

    Mark F

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Mark,  They will be offered in a 2,3, and 4 and in both RH and LH.  They are the same length and loft as our standard 2 (39.5"),3 (39"),4 (38.5") irons and .5° more upright.  We should have the pictures and information on our website within the next two weeks.

  4. Mark F


    Thanks for the info.  I'll be waiting to see them.  Any idea as to the cost for not only the standard versions but also what ever upgrades?  Thanks again.

    Mark F

  5. Christopher P

    Going back a few years ago, titleist did launch a 503h club that looked liked the 503i tour issue club .  Both clubs came standard in a 19 degree loft.  The 503h club came standard in a 40" length, dynamic gold s300 steel shaft with a d3 head swing weight.

    712u does look like a 503i club.  I could be wrong with the standard d3 swing weight that I saw from previous websites. Maybe it was a 503i club that i saw customized, and  that came out to a d3 swing weight. 

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Mark F


    Thanks for the info.  I'll be waiting to see them.  Any idea as to the cost for not only the standard versions but also what ever upgrades?  Thanks again.

    Mark F

    MSRP - Steel - $235
    MSRP - Graphite - $259
    Upcharge pricing for shafts will be the same as any other iron. 
  7. NavyLD12

    Was so excited for these because I had heard the were going cost less then the standard Hybrid. I guess I am going to have to rethink about getting all 3 now.

  8. Johnny C

    can't wait for these to come out so i can try them out.  they look awesome.

  9. Patrick D

    I've got a similar question as Chris. So, it does say on the webpage ( now that with a DG S300 + GP Tour Velvet the 712u is a D3 swingweight. Personally, I'm interested in having a setup that is D2 and fits in with my D2 weighted irons. I've got KBS C-Taper Xs in them but am thinking of getting the 712u with Pxi 6.5 because I'd like a little higher launch with this club. I hit my 3 iron 220-225 yds and my 16* 913F about 260 yds off the turf. So, essentially looking for this to cut the wind off the tee but be able to approach long par 3's and par 5's from around 235-250 out. Would the Pxi setup make it D2 or should I stick with the C-Tapers? Finally, what is the headweight on the 712u? Thanks.

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We have done testing with our Tour players and most could not distinguish one swingweight.  The Pxi and KBS shafts do build at a lighter swingweight, so request the D2 swingweight.when you place your order.

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