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AP2 Irons

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Titleist Pro Staff,

I am considering replacing the shafts in my AP2 irons.  They currently have Dynamic Gold S300's in them.  I am curious in finding out if the KBS Tour shafts will match up with them since they are approx 10+ grams lighter than the DG's.  Also, if I do send these back to you for the change/modification, do you also offer the opportunity to spine the shafts prior to installation for maximum accuracy? 

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Bobby Nash

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  1. Ken W

    The KBS shafts work really well with AP2 irons. I've shafted about three sets and they really have a smooth feel. Getting your irons done by Titleist will retain full warranty on all the components but the shafts will not be spined. Titleist has done extensive testing and no appreciable gain in performance due to spine alignment has been found.

  2. Francisco B

    Hey there bobby I play these bad boys now got them installed with kbs tours when purchased but I did go to a demo day before to decide which one. I had a real tough decision though between the c-tapers and the tour. I hit the tour 90 as well way to high ball flight so I'd say go somewhere you can try all three shafts kbs is def the way to go I believe
  3. KEITH S

    I "was" using DG S300 before switching to KBS Tour X. IMO - the KBS are far more consistant and I love the ball flight. I am able to flight the ball up or down with every club. Especially with the 4 and 5 iron. Being able to hit it up on shallow firm greens is a treet. 

    Utilize an on course fitting with a launch monitor if you can, the feedback you get is priceless.

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