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AP1 or AP2

Jay Sevilla

I understand that this has been a question asked all the time. Mine is a bit different because of my health condition. I currently play with an AP2 710 with oversize grips and a Project x 5.5 shaft. I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and it is hard for me to practice. It almost takes all my energy to just play one round a weekend. I am a 31 handicap player when my body is in pain but sometimes I hit the high 80's when I have no pain which is very seldom now since my disease has progressed.


I went to a golf shop and they told me I should get rid of my AP2's and go for maybe a TM RBZ irons. I am not a fan of TM so I was thinking of the AP1 however holding the clubs side by side there is very little difference.


Do you think switching to an API with graphite shaft would help? I use the stiff flex in my woods. I tried the regular flex and I could not get consistent results.



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  1. Norris

    Hello Jay; I can sympathize with you since I have simular problems as you. I have what the Doc's call Post Polio Syndrome.. (After effects from having Polio when I was a kid. I'm 64 yrs. now) My legs, back, and hips hurt me so much that I can play 12-14 holes O.K. but then I give out and hurt so much that my game goes down from there, and sometimes I can't even hit the ball after those holes, and walking the course is out of the question. My short game really suffers because of this, since after 10 mins. of chipping or putting I have to quit. Just my opinion, but I'd stay with Titleist. The TM's are too light, and long. I've tried hitting my buddies TM's and I can't hit them worth a dittlely squat. I have the AP1's and they are great, and I think you'd do well with them. I think you'd be well off with the graphite shafts also. (I have steel, but wish I'd gotten graphite) Find yourself a good Titleist fitter, and they can work with your health problems, and get you the right clubs, and shafts. You may also want to try a senior flex shaft. I have senior flex in my driver and fairways, and they work best for me, and I wish I'd looked at senior flex for my irons also, instead of Reg. steel. (my swing speed is 83-85mph) Again, find yourself a good Titleist fitter, and tell him/her your problems, and they'll work with you, and find just what you need, and remember (like myself) yor phyical problems won't get any better, so keep that in mind when you work with your fitter.  Norris:

  2. Jay Sevilla

    Thanks Norris for giving a response, I know what you feel and I am 50 years old.

  3. Lou G

    I'll be 56 in October.   I have a rather unconventional setup because that is what WORKS.  I carried 3-4 wood, 2-PW and Dual Wedge between 1979-2003 (even used a 1 iron off the tee in the 1980s).   I used to also hit a 3 wood close to 300 yards back in the day.  Since I took up golf again in 2006, the longest iron I have carried is a 7 iron.   I also found out rather quickly that a 7 wood works much better than a 19 or 21 hybrid.  I quit carrying a 3 wood back in 2009 because I hit an 18 fairway just as far.

    Yes, I have A flex on the driver (TM HT Draw 2007 - 13* loft) and 910F 19* (set to A3 with 41" shaft).    I agree that TM as a whole is too long and upright (my driver is set to 44.5" but I use a Dri Tac Lite grip). 

    9 wood (Call Steelhead III), 910H 27*, DIY 31* and AP1 7-PW are all regular (I decided to drop the 7 iron because its distance varies 20 yards and I hit within +/- 3 yards with the 31H and can work it to overlap the 8 iron; I'm also +/-2 yd with the 8 iron).   

    My wedges are all wedgeflex.

    The nice thing about the AP1 irons is that I can use them for long bunker shots in soft sand.


  4. Jay Sevilla

    From what I gather is that I would be better off using an AP1 with a graphite shaft. Than my AP2 with the Project X shaft (5.5 flex)

  5. John M

    I am currently working at a golf shop and have done a lot of reading in how to properly fit clubs. The way it sounds Jay, with your condition I would seriously look into graphite shafts. First they are lighter and more forgiving on miss hits allowing you to still hit a decent shot without the shock. Also, the AP1 iron is a more forgiving iron head then the AP2, though it may not feel as soft since the AP2 has a forged head, but none the less it is considered a more forgiving head. Therefore, the combo with graphite and the AP1 head I would look into getting to the nearest Titleist dealer and getting fit, preferably I would like to see you in the combo. But again, that is my opinion from my knowledge and reading.

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