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Donald H


When will the 712U be available in golf stores?

Thank you

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    I'm not sure if any store are actually going to stock them. I think it's custom orders only and they are scheduled to ship on may  15th.  Get you pre order in now. 

  2. Chris S

    Hi Donald,

     The 712U is only available by special order thru your Titleist retailer or pro shop. It wont be in stores.

     Chris S

  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The 712u will be a custom only club.  The Tech reps doing fitting days, Advanced Fitters, Regional fitters, FittingWorks Vans, and our Tour facilities will all have these built up in S300 shafts. 

    Any other pro shop or store can order them in for players to try, but that would be up to each individual store as it is a custom order.

  4. Graham M

    Hi Cathy, is the process the same for the UK? So if I go to my local pro who is a Titleist fitting works pro, he can order me an 712 U?

    Cheers Graham

  5. Tom B

    Hit the 712U yesterday, in 3 iron, w/stock shaft.  the Titleist rep got one in only that morning for demo day.   In a word WOW.  IF you prefer long irons over hybrids, I think you'll love this.  Feel and ball flight were great.  Didn't seem to have too much spin to hurt it.  Was hitting into a 20-25mph head wind and it didn't balloon, and able to shape it a little either right of left, and play it back a little and keep it lower.  I prefer my long irons, even back to the old 1 iron days, feeling I can use them better to get out of trouble from under or around trees, and shaping the shots,and although hybrids have their place can be very good, in my case I will get the 712U in 3 & 4 and keep my Titleist 3 & 5 woods in the bag.  The woods having a small head than a lot of others, I not only love them, but feel they give me the best of a fairway wood and almost hybrid like.  Thank you Titleist   

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Graham M

    Hi Cathy, is the process the same for the UK? So if I go to my local pro who is a Titleist fitting works pro, he can order me an 712 U?

    Cheers Graham

    Hi Graham,  Yes, your local pro should be able to place an order now for the launch date in mid May.
  7. Scott B


    Do you know who was sent clubs for fitting in the Coon Rapids, MN area?




  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Totally Driven in Edina, Minnesota would have the 712u as a demo club with DYG S300 shaft.  The fitter there is Jon Weedman and his number is:  651.578.0501  Also, our Tech Reps will have a 712u demo and here is the link to check out fitting days:

  9. Sakke

    Hi Cathi,

    I contacted my local Titleist reseller yesterday in an attempt to order a 712u 2-iron bent 2 degrees strong to 16 degrees with KBS C-taper Stiff+ shaft (soft stepped once) (my 712 MB's have the KBS C-taper Stiff+ shafts) with standard lie, D3 swingweight and Golf Pride Patriot grip with 2 extra layers of tape.

    However, the reseller's response was that this cannot be done, as (according to him) KBS C-taper shafts are not available in the desired lenght (of 39,50") and cannot be soft stepped. Is this really correct? I noticed that the Titleist Custom Option Book does not list KBS C-taper available as Stiff+ (only available in R, S and X) anymore. If this is correct, what would you recommend (as a shaft choice) to make the 712u as close as possible to my 712 MB's with KBS C-taper Stiff+.

    Many thanks in advance.

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi,  You can place the order for a 712u with KBS C Taper S+ shafts at standard length, bent 2° strong and we can get very close to a D3 swingweight (probably D3.5 with a standard grip).  We cannot soft step because they do not make a longer shaft (alternative would be to go to a stiff rather than a stiff plus), and Golf Pride is discontinuing the Patriot and replacing it with a newer model that we don't have yet. 

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