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Slicing my driver shots!!

Richard McErlean

hi, sometimes I would hit the perfect drive, but every other time, I seem to slice the ball to the right. I am on target and every thing.

is it something to do with the loft and lie of the driver?


someone please help!!

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  1. Norris

    I'm in the same boat as you Richard,and I do the same thing, but I found out that it's all in my grip. As long as I keep a strong left hand grip (I'm right handed) with the  "V" of my left hand pointing to my right sholder, I'll hit the ball straight, but if I don't pay attention to my grip, and have a weak grip at inpact, I'll slice the ball every time. A strong grip works for me, so you might try that, and hopefully it will help you.

  2. Tony C

    One equipment related issue could be that you have too stiff of a shaft or the torque is too low. Because of this, you will not be able to properly load the shaft resulting in inconsistencies on your drives.

    Hope this helps,

    Tony C

  3. casa

    I had the same problem

    when I slice the ball my PGA teacher says I hold onto the club not rotating my hands so open club face.

    I find relaxing my arms and grip  thru the swing lets my arms/hands naturally rotate and release the club head.

    try it and if you start hitting  shots to the left as I did .....  dial it back a little.

    I hope this helps




  4. Don O

    Sorry, it is a human problem.  The reason is most likely an outside-in swing.  The cause can be many things.  Make sure the driver starts back straight. 

  5. Tyler J

    Move the ball back towards the middle of your stance. I used to slice but now that i play my driver out of the middle of my stance rather than up by my front toe i hit a draw now.


  6. Brendon W

    Hi check your grip if that is fine it will be your take away a perfect golf swing is inside on backswing and inside on follow through

    and also check your ball position it might be to far forward in your stance


    for a practise drill that my pro gives me get a peace of 4/2 wood about 2 foot long place ball an inch away use an iron and hit the bloody ball if you hight wood you are coming over the top or your swing plane is out to in thisdrill works use a 7 iron


    good golfing


  7. bigearnucsd

    I agree with most of the guys that it's probably the swing and better to fix the swing for long term than trying different settings.  i think you can play around with driver setting if the ball has little fade but slice problem should be more of a swing problem.  i say try B2 or A2 setting and try to make your driver with more offset and see if that helps.  Also try to add more loft C3, D4 and see what happens.  higher loft will have lower chance of more side spins. 

    i noticed many of the other manufacturers' standard setting has little more offset than titleist.  

    i had some issues hitting the drive to the right and finally figured out my issue.  when i focused on quiet lower body and just good shoulder turn, i started hitting straight.  when i turn my shoulder with the lower body making me to sway a little, that's when i hit to the right.

  8. Lou G

    The biggest cause of swing faults is standing too close to the ball.

    1.  Push slice is caused by hitting close to the heel.

    2. You come outside in to avoid hitting the heel and slice or have a loopity loop follow thru and hit a high hook.

    The other reason people slice is they try to hit the ball too hard (from Paul Wilson , a teaching pro at Revolution Golf).

    The arms should extend slightly.   Don't want to stand too far from the ball because you then lose your balance.

    Ball off the front heel.

    I normally have a small fade but it goes pretty straight.



  9. Richard McErlean

    hi, thanks for advice. this really helped, starting to hit better drives

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