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3 Hybrid vs 5 Wood

Jack S

Hi Team Titleist, its me Jack. I have been deciding to get either a 913h with 19 degrees of loft or a 913 F with 19 degrees of loft. Where i live there is a lot of tight lies and thick rough which would suit the hybrid but since i travel a lot to play tournaments across the country its a whole different story.

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  1. Christian J

    It depends on what works best for you.  Try them both out, and have someone help you adjust them to the right setting.  The 913f will be a longer club, but the 913h will be a more versatile club.  I have the 910h in 19*, and had the 910f in 19* also.  I switched to the 910h, because I hit it better than the 910f.  The 910f was a few yards longer, but it's not as consistent as the 910h.  Either way, they are both great clubs and you can't go wrong with either.  Just get fit before you buy them!

  2. Donald W


    I saw something last night on the golf channel that was talking about this exact thing. My take on what they said is that if you are looking for something going into greens that are more accurate then go with the hybrid but if you are looking at distance get the 5 wood. 

  3. Tony C

    From what you are describing it seems to come down to a matter of opinion on what you like better. I would personally go for the 5 wood just because I don't like the look of hybrids.

  4. Lou G

    I personally found out a long time ago that I hit a 5 or 7 wood much better than a 3H.  

    I have a 910F 19* but the way I have it set up is 1" shorter than standard (41") and at A3 on Surefit.   I have no problem hitting greens with it and know how to work it (what I did up until recently for 170-175 yards was do a choke shot until I put a 9 wood back in the bag).  For accuracy, I swing conservative and hit it about 185-190 but when I want to unleash, I can hit it over 200.


  5. Steve N

    It really depends on the situation in which you would use the 5 wood or hybrid.  

    For instance, I rarely hit my driver over 265, so the 5 wood is critical for the distance on par 5s under 500 yds.  The high and soft flight of 5 woods is better than a hybrid.

    Conversely, I have a friend that drives 280 - 310 with a high ball flight.  He has no need for a 5 wood.  The hybrid is his go to club for 220 yards. 

  6. casa

    I'm going for a fitting on Monday. My PGA teacher is also my club fitter. He wants me to concider a hybrid and not a 19/21 degree F wood.

    So I will be hitting both and will let you know what I think.


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