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Futura X Prototype


Just read the article on Adam Scott's Futura X putter and the new smaller versions being tried in New Orleans. Anyone besides me interested in trying one if they ever come to retail? I like it because I think with the back weights it would be easy to put a nice stroke on it and looking down at it-it really is not distracting to me. Iam hoping to try one.

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  1. Cameron D

    We are currently testing all different lengths of this model on tour with the goal of launching them to the market sometime in the near future.  You are correct in that the perimeter stability weighting will give the putter extremely stable performance and help increase the MOI.



  2. Steve N

    Dufner used one in New Orleans this past weekend, right?

  3. Cameron D


    That is the putter Dufner was using.



  4. DEklund

    I sure would like to see these sooner than later!! I realize it takes time, but just want to let you know if there is a need for the "average" golfer to test one of the prototypes I'm here for you...  :)

  5. DEklund

    Is there a release date for the Futura X to the public? Sooner the better. Iam super excited to put it in my bag-I really like the finish. It will certainly take care of any glare on a sunny day.

  6. Justinu3

    I'm going to guess next Spring.  You'll see them debut at the PGA Show.  Just my opinion...

  7. Cameron D

    We are currently seeding them on tour with plans to release them to the market, but there is no release date yet.



  8. czink9

    I have recently heard from a reliable source that they are going to be in the market place around the middle of August.

  9. Don R

    The Futura X is being released in August, but only in regular lengths and in a slightly different style than that used by Adam Scott.  I am in the market to replace my long putter and would very much like to buy the Futura X.  The Custom Shop at Scotty Cameron understandably said they could not refit the regular Futura X putter with a long shaft due to improper weighting. 

    Do you know if and when they will release a long putter version of the Futura X, or something similar?

  10. Cameron D


    As of right now, we do not have any plans on releasing this model in mid or long lengths.




  11. DEklund

    Hi ,

    Will I be able to order the Futura X at any golf golf shop that carries Titleist clubs? Is it OK to place an order all ready? I hate to think this but I can hear them telling me, "I don't know anything about that putter." I know I'm overboard but Aug 1st can't get here soon enough!


  12. Cameron D


    Yes, any authorized Titleist retailer will be able to order you that putter.  The putters are shipping next week for an "in-hands date" of August 1st.  Feel free to give us a call at Team Titleist, 1-888-TITLEIST, for any other questions you may have.



  13. DEklund

    I received my Futura X about two days after it's release.  I went to the putting green with it and after about 5 minutes I put it in my bag. In all honesty, I always said I didn't think anything could bump my TM Spider Vicino out of play, however the Futura X did it.  It is absolutely the best putter I have ever used. I love it! The confidence I feel with it is a great feeling.


    I could not be more pleased-it was worth the wait.

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